R-Ladies Abstract/Scholarship Review Request
We'd like to encourage R-Ladies to apply for conference speaking slots and diversity scholarships by giving feedback on various types of R-related abstracts and applications prior to submission. If you'd like to request feedback for an abstract or scholarship application, please submit the form below and we'll get in touch!
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Conference abstract or scholarship application deadline
We'll do our best to get you feedback at least a week before the conference deadline. In order to do so, and to respect the time of our volunteer reviewers, we request that you submit your abstract/application at least three weeks before the conference deadline.
How will you submit your draft abstract or application to our volunteer reviewers? *
If your abstract or application is available online, please specify the link. (Please make sure sharing permissions enable edits and/or comments for our reviewers.)
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If your abstract or application is in a separate file, please email it to jennifer@rladies.org.
Other relevant information - for example, is there anything you'd like specific feedback on? Any specific information about the audience or conference that our reviewers should know?
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