Application :: NeuroDefiant 9x9 Incubator

Hello NeuroKin!

Thank you so much for your interest in joining the NeuroDefiant 9x9 Incubator: a 9-session business & mindset coaching intensive for late-identified Autistic & ADHD adults who are pre-launch or in early stages of entrepreneurship.

This application is meant to help you think through your readiness for this investment and to help me to know if we are a good fit for doing this work together.  

My intention is to be sure that you get the absolute maximum return on your investment of time, money, and trust.

I am excited to be offering this program to Founding Members at a special rate for a limited time--when you register at the Founding Member you lock in that rate for the entire year of your membership!

with wild kindness, 


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What does the word, "NeuroDefiant" mean to you?
How did you learn about the NeuroDefiant 9x9 Incubator? *
What about the  NeuroDefiant 9x9 Incubator format interests you?
Tell me about your business, program, product, project, and/or goals you have for the coming year. *
What is your current status with your goal?   *
Haven't Started
In the final stretch
How open are you to guidance, to constructive feedback, and to embracing fresh mindset perspectives? *
What kind of accessibility accommodations should Jennifer know about before starting working with you?  Expansive Expressions is committed to being an accessible coaching space, please don't be shy about your needs! *
Are you prepared to make the investment of time and money to experience transformation and momentum?  
Founding Member Incubator fee: $2,249 annual, or Monthly payments: $187/month, 12 months minimum commitment.
(Standard Incubator fee: $5,395/annual; $449/monthly)
For each 9x9 Incubator cycle there are two 50% scholarships and two 75% scholarships.  These scholarships are awarded on a first come, first served basis.

Priority for scholarships are given to Black, Indigenous, People of Global Majority, women, gender expansive folx, queer, fat, and disabled applicants.

Would you be able to participate in this program without the financial assistance of a scholarship of 50-75% of the Founding Member rate?
If you would like to be considered for a scholarship, please share a narrative about how the scholarship would help you as an entrepreneur, what makes you an ideal candidate, and how you will invest the value of this scholarship into your business and your future. *
If selected for this program, do you agree to commit to a full 1 year / 12 months of the coaching, community, and financial investment (either 1 full payment or monthly payments)?
If selected, do you acknowledge that there are no refunds or transfers of your fees? *
Are you prepared to make the necessary arrangements in your life so that you have time to attend coaching/watch replays, work on your vision, and engage in coaching exercises? *
What would you like to get out of joining an incubator program for Neurodivergent entrepreneurs? *
What would you like to contribute to a community of early Neurodivergent entrepreneurs? *
Are you willing to sign a contract agreeing to abide by a set of community standards based on anti-oppressive, anti-racist, non-ableist, neurodivergent-affirming, growth mindset, restorative justice, and collective care values? *
Do you have any questions you would like answered before registering for this membership? *
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