Revive The Dream: Volunteer Project Organization Survey
Thank you for completing the following survey. We will use this information to help find a Revive The Dream fellow that will be the best match for your project. While we cannot guarantee a fellow for your project, we will do our best!
From which city would you like a fellow? (remote project)
First Name:
Last Name:
Your Role:
Email Address:
Phone Number:
Brief description of the project (please include the specific outcomes you expect the fellow to achieve):
Skills and knowledge needed to complete the project:
What can fellows expect to learn from completing this project?
In what month will the project begin? (Projects will ideally begin in March or April)
In what month will the project end? (6-12 month projects encouraged)
How many fellows would you like to work on this project?
How many hours per month do you you anticipate the project to take (per person)? NOTE: The average is about 5-7 hours a month with some fellows doing more or less; all fellows are currently employed full-time elsewhere.
10. Where would the project be completed? Note: Clarify if the work is to be completed in person or remotely. Include specific address if applicable.
11. Are you the manager for this project? If not, please include the name and information for the person who would manage fellow(s).
12. Any other information that will be helpful for fellows to know about the project?
13. If you've already been in contact with a fellow who you'd like to complete this project for your organization, please share their name. (Note: this is not required and most organizations have not yet spoken to fellows)
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