Blockchain Cuties 1st Community Tournament
Welcome! Blockchain Cuties Universe is going to have its first PVP tournament which will be streamed live on and at 10pm GMT+3 (The usual Pawedcast Time)

Fill in the form by 12 of July 1pm UTC 2020 to participate in the 1st ever Community Tournament.

There's a couple of rules for the submitted Cuties:
1. Cutie must be Level 6
2. Cutie must not wear gear that has a level requirement over level 6
3. One player can submit one Cutie to participate in the event
4. Cutie can be of any type, element affinity, and Pet type.
5. No enchanted gear is permitted.

Good luck, Cutieneers!
Please add your player link and your cutie link to participate in the Tournament
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