Stampede Spring AAU 2020
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Commitment Papers/Parent ContractPlayer Responsibilities1. All players will treat officials and opponents with dignity and respect.2. All players, regardless of ability and/or playing time are equal members of the team. Each and every player will treat all teammates with acceptance, respect, and friendship.3. All players will provide maximum effort in practice and games.4. Attendance at all practices, team meetings, and games is mandatory. While injured players may be unable to play, they are still expected to arrive on time, listen to coaches, and encourage teammates and assist the team.5. In very rare situations, players may be excused from games and/or practices. When this occurs, players are responsible for informing the coach verbally through a phone call or meeting at the earliest possible time. 6. When players miss practices and/or games, playing time in future games may be affected.7. Unexcused absences are absences in which the coach was not informed in the manner described above. And/or the reason was for the absence is not satisfactory. An unexcused absence from practice and/or game will result in the suspension of the player from the next game in which the player is eligible to play.8. Players are to be on time for all practices and games. Tardiness may affect playing time in games. Chronic lateness may result in suspension of the player.9. Players are expected to directly seek understanding and resolution when questions or problems arise with coaches and teammates.10. Players will help with all fundraising events, along with camps, leagues, tournaments, etc.11. Players will conduct their personal lives in a manner that brings honor to themselves and the team. This includes school performances, self-respect, healthy behaviors and social responsibility.Code of Conduct1. Play to win2. Play fair, Observe the Rules of the Game3. Respect Opponents, Teammates, Referees, Officials, and Spectators.4. Accept Defeat with Dignity. Win with modesty and give credit to teammates.5. Always Promote the best interest of our Basketball Program and Clovis North High School.6. Reject corruption, drugs, racism, and violence.Parent Responsibilities1. Parents will treat players, coaches, opponents, and officials with respect and dignity.2. All comments by parents and their guests from the sidelines will be encouraging and/or complimentary. Parents and guests will refrain from making comments about players’ mistakes or errors.3. Parents will refrain from making derogatory comments to referees at any time.4. Coaching basketball is to be done only by coaches on staff. Parents agree to refrain from coaching or directing their child or other players during all games and practices.5. Parents will discuss player and/or team concerns and problems directly with the head coach. These discussions will not take place right before or after a game. A meeting will be scheduled. During the meeting, playing time and comparisons to other players will not be discussed. Remember, it is not the five best players. It is the five players that work together the best!6. Parents will make sure their son attends all practices and will be on time.7. Parents will schedule all appointments, family vacations, and outings around the practice and game schedules. Parents will support coaches and encourage their athlete to do the same.8. Parents will help run our Youth League. This will include selling wrist bands at the door and/or working in the snack bar.With my signature below, I agree to the terms and conditions of this contract. I understand and agree with the practice and playing time policy of this program. I understand that there are no refunds. I give permission to Fresno Stampede Basketball to use pictures of my son for the website and any future promotion of the program. I hereby waive any claims against the Clovis Unified School District, its agents or employees for any injuries, which might be sustained in connection with this program. I understand that there is no medical payment that I, or my child, may incur if I, or my child, are injured during the course of play. Furthermore, I agree to abide by all of the rules and regulations set forth in this program and will conduct myself in a sportsmanlike manner. In accordance with CIF bylaw 207, any athlete who transfers from School “A” to School “B” after having prior contact, during the previous 24 months, either directly or indirectly with school “B” prior to enrollment shall not be eligible at School “B” for 365 days from initial date of enrollment. This includes this camp, clinic, AAU, club team, and/or workouts. I also agree to have my son’s basketball pictures used on our website for the purpose of promotion of our program. Player's Signature *
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