2021 Foothills Kiwanis Club Scholarship Application
This year the Foothills Kiwanis Club will be awarding several tuition Scholarships of $2,000 or $1,000 to graduating high school seniors residing within the Boulder Valley School District boundary who have shown sustained commitment to both community service as well as academics during their high school years. The awards will be paid directly to the recipient’s vocational school, college, or university tuition office before or during the recipient's first fall semester.

If you’d like to be considered for this scholarship, you must submit an application online on or before April 15th, 2021. Your application must consist of three (3) parts:

(1) Responses to questions on the second page of this form about school, community, and work activities, along with highlights and special circumstances

(2) At least 2 (two) references listed on the third page of this form who are willing to send a brief message of recommendation on your behalf to foothillkiwanischolarship@gmail.com with YOUR NAME IN THE SUBJECT LINE. These may include:

o your current or previous high school teachers, counselors, or staff;

o your high school Faculty Advisor or Kiwanis Advisor;

o any others with whom you’ve worked in taking an active role in the local community to whom you are not related.

The name and email address of the reference should match the ones you enter into this form. If we have not received an email from your references as the closing of applications approaches we will inform you to allow you to contact them again, but all reference information must be received on or before the application deadline.

(3) A transcript of your high school academic record to date emailed to foothillkiwanischolarship@gmail.com as an attachment with YOUR NAME IN THE SUBJECT LINE.

Your application will be reviewed by the Foothills Kiwanis Tuition Scholarship Committee during April and early May 2021

You and your high school will be informed of your selection status by May 10, 2020.

Please be sure to include your contact information. This must include a phone number and an email address you check regularly.

Kiwanis International is built upon the foundation of community service, both locally and globally, with particular emphasis on helping children and youth. As such, the key criteria for selection of the scholarship recipient will be in harmony with the principals of Kiwanis International. Evidence of academic achievement as an indicator of likely collegiate success will also be considered.

The form will accept large blocks of text, even if the screen shows a limited area. Please consider editing your answers in a separate document, and then cutting and pasting plain text into this form.
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