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Please take note of the following before starting to fill the form.

*** Get all your educational and experience certificates ready to upload. You can take pictures of your certificates from your mobile, not necessarily scanned pdfs are needed.

*** It will take you approx 15 to 30 minutes to fill the form, once you have the educational certificates. It contains 15 sections but only some sections are mandatory.

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Do you have all your educational certificates, achievement certificates and experience certificates (if any) ready to upload? *
You won't be able to complete the form if the certificates are not available. You may take pictures of the certificates using your mobile phone. Scanned PDFs are not compulsory. It might be easier if you are filling the form using a mobile phone.
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We will use the details submitted in the form to communicate with you in relation to the membership program. More details about the personal data policy can be found at this page: We reserve the right to use your testimonials, reviews, feedback, pictures and videos, including publicly available information, such as Linkedin and Facebook profile pictures, and any details submitted to us for marketing purposes. Do you agree to the privacy policy and personal data policy?
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All the work that you will produce at or in relation to the membership program will be the intellectual property of The Sparks Foundation. You are not allowed to store, copy, sell, share, and distribute it to a third party under any circumstances. Similarly you are expected to refrain from talking about your work in public domains (both online such as blogging, social networking site and offline among your friends, college etc.) without prior discussion and approval with your mentor. Do you agree?
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[NOT MANDATORY, SKIP IF YOU WANT] If you wish to match to your mentor based on your personality, please submit your DISC Profile. DISC Profile Scores are used only to match you with other team members, to enhance your experience at The Sparks Foundation. You can take your DISC Assessment at: (Time Required: approx 30 minutes). Attach the PDF Report downloaded after completion of DISC Assessment.
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