2020 Future City New England - Call for Volunteers
The future city competition is a nationwide competition where students in 6th , 7th and 8th grade imagine, research, design, and build cities of the future. Each year students are given a city problem to which a solution needs to be incorporated into their future city.

Future City New England region has the mission to bring each and every student participating (and their school faculty, parents, mentors, and all involved) a positive learning experience full of fun, teamwork and creativity. We are thrilled you want to be involved! Although this is a competition, we hold the spirit of knowledge to be our number one priority. We aim to see students of all backgrounds throughout New England gaining appreciation for their infrastructure and those who make it possible. We also want the students to understand the design process and work in teams in a similar way to engineering professionals. We want the students to broaden their perspectives on the way the world works and the ways they may want to contribute to it in the future.
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