The 1st FIA HKAA Smart Driving Challenge Hong Kong 2020 第一屆 FIA HKAA 智能安全駕駛挑戰賽 - 香港區
"The FIA HKAA Smart Driving Challenge Hong Kong 2020" presented by CHALLENGER Auto Services connects all parts of the automotive and mobility community - racing stars, car clubs, and everyday drivers - in a join mission to make driving safe, sustainable, fun and accessible to everyone.

挑戰者汽車服務呈獻「FIA HKAA 智能安全駕駛挑戰賽」能將駕駛者的網絡匯聚起來,包括賽車運動員、車會、汽車持份者、道路使用者和日常駕駛者,透過這比賽共同致力推動道路安全,讓各人都可以參與及享受其樂趣和對保護環境作出貢獻。

Eligibility Requirements
1. Participants aged 18 or above, and
2. Holding a valid Hong Kong driving licence issued by the Transport Department.

1. 參賽人士入須年滿18歳或以上, 及
2. 持有由運輸處發出之有效香港駕駛執照。

Competition Format
1. Download the specify SDC app on App Store or Google Play.
2. Setup your profile and input your verification code. (will send email before a week to competitor by HKAA)
3. Follow the steps and allow location, notification and bluetooth services at all times.
4. Activate Bluetooth on your phone and select your car in the list of available Bluetooth devices and pair with it.
5. That's it! You are ready to start the competition.

1.在App Store或Google Play下載指定的比賽應用程式

The Competition Details 比賽詳情
Date日期 : Jan 4 to Feb 7, 2021
Duration 時段 : 5 weeks
Entry Fee 報名費 : $260* (with 1-year SDC's license 包括一年SDC's註冊費用**)
Warm Up 熱身周 : Dec 28, 2020 to Jan 3, 2021

Events 比賽回合 : 5 個 / Rounds
(1) Jan 4 to 10, 2021
(2) Jan 11 to 17, 2021
(3) Jan 18 to 24, 2021
(4) Jan 25 to 31, 2021
(5) Feb 1 to 7, 2021

*The year of car manufacture must be 2012 or after with bluetooth infotainment system. If not, you need to purchase the specific OBD device at cost of HK$200. 如車輛之出產年份於2012年以前或沒有內置藍芽接收裝置,則需要以港幣$200元購買特定 OBD裝置。

** The license valid for 1 year 註冊賬戶有效期一年

Please send Whatsapp message to 6016-3711 / email
Reply during office hour (Mon-Friday 0900-1200, 1400-1800)

查詢請Whatsapp 訊息到 6016-3711 或電郵
只於辦公時間內回覆 (星期一至五早上9時至12時, 下午2時至6時)
Email address *
英文姓名 Name in English (必須與香港身份証相同 same as HKID) *
中文姓名 Name in Chinese (必須與香港身份証相同 same as HKID)
姓別 Gender
Clear selection
年齡 Age
Clear selection
參賽組別 Categories *
自訂組別名稱 Customized team name
手提電話 Moblie number *
必須為可接收 SMS 之手提電話號碼,以便大會以SMS發出重要通知 Please enter mobile number for SMS notification
再次輸入手提電話 Key-in Mobile number again for verification *
香港汽車會會員號碼 (如有) HKAA Membership Number (If any)
參加車輛品牌 Brand of participating vehicle *
請註明參加車輛品牌 Specify the brand of participating vehicle
請註明參加車輛型號 Specify the model of participating vehicle *
車牌號碼 Vehicle registration mark *
車輛生產年份 Specify the year of manufacture *
如車輛沒有內置或音響設備藍芽接收裝置,則需要額外支付港幣$200元購買特定OBD2裝置。大部分2012或之後岀廠的私家車都會有內置藍芽裝置。 If no bluetooth connection is available in the infotainment or stereo system inside the car, a HK$200 specific OBD2 device needs to be purchased. Most private cars manufactured in or after 2012 should have built in Bluetooth infotainment system.
報名費用 Enrollment Fee *
報名費用一經繳交不設退款及轉讓予他人 Please note that the enrollment fees once paid are non-refundable and non-transferable from one to another
付款形式 (以收妥款項才確認報名) Payment Method (Paid enrollment fee is not refundable or transferable) *
付款形式 Payment Details

銀行轉賬 / 轉數快
收款銀行: 香港上海匯豐銀行有限公司
戶口名稱: 香港汽車會 / 戶口號碼: 002-219889-001
請將轉賬收條寫上參加者姓名及聯絡電話,發送到本會電郵 / whatsapp 6016-3711,請保留轉賬記錄之影印本,以便日後跟進或查詢。

Payment Details
Bank Transfer / FPS Payment
Bank: HSBC
A/C Name: Hong Kong Automobile Association
A/C No. 002-219-889-001
FPS ID: 5714118
Send a copy of bank-in receipt / FPS screen capture for confirmation to / whatsapp to 6016-3711. Please keep the original copy for your reference and we do not accept any transfer without bank slip / screen capture record.

1. 報名費用一經繳交不設退款及轉讓予他人;
2. 收集個人資料聲明:此表格所收集閣下資料僅作本會內部記錄、會員服務和報名之用, 如有查詢或欲更正閣下之資料,
請迎與本會聯絡 6016-3711 / 3469-7113;
3. 點擊瀏覽 SDC 比賽政策及有關參加者資料處理
4. 點擊瀏覽 SDC 使用服務條款
5. 點擊瀏覽 SDC 有關 cookie政策
6. 如有任何爭議,香港汽車會保留最終決定權。

1. Please note that the enrollment fees are non-refundable and non-transferable from one to another;
2. Data Collection Declaration: The information provided by you will only be used by HKAA for internal record and membership service. Please contact us at 6016-3711 / 3469-7113 for enquiries.
3. View SDC Policy from this link
4. View SDC Terms of Use from this link
5. View SDC Cookie Policy from this link
6. In any case of disputes, the decision of HKAA is final and conclusive.
請確認已細閱備註事項並上述條款 Please confirm you have read all of the above terms and remarks *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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