Initial Campsite Rental Reservation Form
Use this form to submit your initial information prior to reserving your family camp site here at Camp Lor-Ray. After you complete this form you will be provided with the link to finish your reservation through the campsite reservation system.

Camping at Camp Lor-Ray is limited to members of the ELS or WELS, or churches in fellowship with either.
After you submit this form, you will then be provided with the link to our reservations system.

PLEASE NOTE: Anyone seeking to stay over a week or who wants to use membership rates will need to supply their LRCA membership ID. This ID will need to be verified in order to get the discounted rate. LRCA memberships are available for purchase for a yearly cost of $35.
Email address *
Are YOU, or is SOMEONE IN YOUR GROUP, a member of the Evangelical Lutheran Synod, the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod, or a church in fellowship with either? *
Camping at Camp Lor-Ray is limited to members of the ELS, WELS, or churches in fellowship with either. If no one in your party meets this requirement than unfortunately you will not be able to camp at Camp Lor-Ray.
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Please enter the full name of the primary member of your camping group
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Anyone who attempts to make a reservation using MEMBER DISCOUNTED RATES or a reservation greater than A WEEK LONG is required to be an LRCA member. This membership is $35/ year and available for purchase when you make a reservation. If you are currently an LRCA member, please put your LRCA number below. If you are currently not a member, please type "NA"
How many person will be in your group? *
(adults and children)
Please list the names of all the members of your camping party AND their relation to you. *
If you are reserving an LRCA membership discounted site, any person not covered directly by a family camp membership is to be charged for each overnight visit ($2 per night). A family member is a dependent as defined by the IRS.
What church do you attend? *
(Name of Church, City, AND State.)
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Reserving A Campsite
After you submit this form you will be provided the link to the camp site reservation system. You will be able to select your dates and receive an estimated cost. You also will have the option to either pay online through PayPal or only reserve the site and pay later.
*Note: Cash/ Check payments are preferred to prevent processing fees

If you have already completed this form however did not reserve your date and campsite, follow the link at the bottom of the "Camp Site Rentals" page on our website
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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