Fung Auditorium Request
First, review the general information and policies for using the Fung Auditorium at the department’s web site at:

Check the availability of Fung Auditorium here:

For non-campus requesters:
Prior to the event you must deliver a Certificate of Insurance to the Bioengineering department showing General Liability coverage of at least $1,000,000. If you are bringing a vehicle, the policy must include Automobile Liability coverage of at least $1,000,000. If you are bringing employees, the policy must include evidence of Worker’s Compensation coverage. If you do not have such a policy, a temporary policy can be purchased through the campus General Liability insurance provider. Click on the link below for the full list of requirements and a link to purchase temporary insurance (Highlights tab):

If you have any general questions or for reservations, please e-mail
If you have any questions about the AV or room layout, please contact

You should receive a response to your room reservation request within 1 to 3 business days.
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$38/hr for campus users ($16/hr for the room & $22/hr for the AV), $200/hr for non-campus ($150/hr for the room & $50/hr for the AV). Minimum of 2 hrs and/or an additional 1/2 hr before and after any event. Reservations can be cancelled up to 2 business days prior to an event without charge. If the cancellation is less than 2 business days prior, the user will be charged ½ the expected fee for the reservation. If a user fails to use the auditorium (“no-show”) without cancelling, the whole reservation fee is still due. The Bioengineering MSO can be petitioned to waive a cancellation fee in cases of emergencies.
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