LWHA Garbage & Recycling Survey
Dear Liberty Woodlands Owners,

The intent of this survey is to assess the interest and feasibility of a community-wide garbage and recycling area and weekly service at Liberty Woodlands. As you likely have noticed, some Liberty Woodlands and McKinney Ridge owners have individual service from Wastewise and put trash and recycling cans out weekly on Hwy 20. As our community continues to grow this is becoming less of an ideal option for a variety of reasons (aesthetics, cost, scavenging animals, etc.).

The Garbage and Recycling Committee is exploring options including a pilot project in which we start with a covered cement or gravel pad, bear-proof dumpster(s), and large recycling bins. After a period of use we would consider building a more permanent enclosure depending on if and how the facility is used. We are in conversations with McKinney Ridge about the possibility of sharing the facility and locating it in the southeast common space area adjacent to Liberty Lane and near Lee Whitaker's pumphouse.

Please note that by administering this survey, we are not committing to community-wide garbage and recycling service; rather, we are assessing owners' interest as central to the decision process.

If you co-own your lot(s), please have just one owner complete the survey for your lot(s). Although we are asking for your name and addresses/lot numbers, we will not share individual responses. Please complete this survey by December 31, 2020.

Thank you in advance!
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Your Lot number(s) or address(es)
Number of built lots you own
Number of unbuilt lots you own
Are you a full time or part-time resident?
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How do you currently deal with your garbage? Check all that apply. (The next question will address recycling.)
How do you currently deal with your recycling? Check all that apply.
Depending on how many owners opt-in to this pilot project, the monthly cost of garbage and recycling service is estimated to be approximately $16 to $30 per built lot. Please note that this is a rough estimate. Given this estimate, long-term community needs, and your household logistics, would you be interested in participating in community-wide garbage and recycling service at Liberty Woodlands? Note that recycling service would include paper, aluminum and tin cans, some plastic, and cardboard - it would not include glass as this isn't currently collected by Wastewise.
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If you answered "Maybe" or "No" to the previous question, please briefly explain your answer.
Do you have any questions or comments for the Garbage and Recycling Committee?
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