Form for Dialogue on Learning: Math
Greetings from Seed2Sapling Education. Hope you are doing fine.

Who we are?
Science and math education enthusiasts, mainly from research background in Institutes like IISc Bangalore, with a passion to promote the scientific/mathematical process and skills.

Fee: Rs. 3000

Timing: 3:00 - 4:30 PM for all the 6 sessions below.

Session 1 (5th Dec, Saturday): How do you choose to grow and other problems on exponents
Session 2 (12th Dec, Saturday): Problems from recreational mathematics
Session 3 (19th Dec, Saturday): Why we don’t have SSA congruency, and more on triangles
Session 4 (23rd Dec, Wednesday): Make your own formulae: An encounter with Algebra
Session 5 (6th Jan, Wednesday): On one of the oldest mathematical procedure : The Euclidean Algorithm
Session 6 (9th Jan, Saturday): Story of one of the greatest inventions of mankind: Numbers

Team S2S
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