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This website is being developed as part of a class project for CS247 at Stanford. With your input, we hope to make this a product that we can share with sexual assault organizations. (Please help us either for that reason, or just to help us with the class!)
Title of Project: Vincere the Memory
Team: Marie Feng, Sierra Kaplan-Nelson, Natasha Prats

Thanks for trying our site. We're looking to improve it, so we'd like you to be part of a short user study.

I. Purpose of this Research/Project
The purpose of the study is to understand how survivors of sexual assault use the product, Vincere the Memory. The feedback will directly lead to further development and study of the prototype.

II. Procedures
Participants will use the site as long as they'd like, timing themselves. Questions about how they manage communication and share information with others will be asked.

III. Extent of Anonymity and Confidentiality
The researchers will not collect personal identification information. Subjects are free not to answer any questions or respond to experimental situations that they choose without penalty. We will store the images you create, which will be posted to the site but not the audio from your conversations. We will collect this survey information. Collected information will be stored and maintained by the researchers listed above, and it may be shared in class presentations and assignments, but anonymously. If the participant supplies any written quotes, they may be used in presenting the project in class. The information will not be distributed to anyone who is not involved in the research or the class.

IV. Compensation
No compensation will be provided.

V. Questions?
Email Natasha at, Sierra at, or Marie at

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