2022-2023 SCLCY Executive Council Application
SCLCY Executive council members are selected by the previous SCLCY leadership team except for the SCLCY President which is elected at LCY Convention. This application is open to those wishing to serve on the SCLCY Executive Council for the 2022-2023 school year.

The application is due no later than June 6th.

Please send any questions about this application to sclutheranyouth@gmail.com.


All Executive Council officers are expected to attend ALL Executive Council meetings, Cabinet meetings, and help at the conference level. You will also be expected to attend an over night leadership retreat in August.

Attendance at the Winter Retreat for your grade level (and below), and LCY Convention participation BOTH this year AND next year is expected. Participation in Service Weekends (Hand-in-Hand and Spring into Action) as well as  LOVE Projects is STRONGLY encouraged.

**Missing more than one Cabinet meeting and more than one Executive Council meeting without a valid excuse may be grounds to be dismissed from office.**

If you can't make this kind of time commitment, please do not apply to be on Executive Council.


The structure of the Executive Council is as follows:

• President — Rising 11th or 12th Grader, must have served on Executive Council or Cabinet previously. Elected by LCY Convention Voting Members.

• Grade Level Representatives (GLRs): Two 11th & 12th Grade Representatives; Two 9th & 10th Grade Representatives; One or Two 7th & 8th Grade Representatives (depending on interest and qualifications). Each representative will be selected by the current LCY Executive Council, announced at Convention.

If you'd like to apply to be Chaplain, please follow this link: http://sclcy.link/lcychaplain
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