Application for Joint Campaign IFMSA-AMSA
Dear Asia Pacific Members

Have you ever wondered how you fit into both AMSA and IFMSA? Maybe you’re part of both, maybe you’ve worked in one and not the other, but ALL that is going to change because these two student powerhouses in the Asia Pacific region are now collaborating for one cause, to advocate for Mental health in Asian medical students and this is YOUR chance to join the massive Asia Pacific Regional and Transnational Project.

Theme- Mental Health in Medical Students

How we are doing this?
All NMO’s in IFMSA and Chapters in AMSA will have a national coordinator who will be working with local coordinators to collect data on the status of medical students within their country. In shared NMOs and Chapters, there will be only one National Coordinator.
However, all coordinators will be listed as contributors to the project and will receive a join IFMSA and AMSA certificate (so Yay!, you’re also building your CV.)

What do you have to do?
Create and Disseminate and help us in data collection. Coordinate with the entire team (AMSA,IFMSA,relevant externals) to advocate for better mental health in students. Come up with ideas to implement the theme
Work load- 4 hours/week maximum.

The data collected will be analyzed, interpreted and finalized into a position paper and maybe a regional policy paper to advocate for provisions in universities, medical councils , NGOs and governments to safeguard the mental health of future health professionals and increase student involvement in matters of the medical curriculum that directly concerns them.

But you haven't done anything Regional or International before?
EVEN BETTER! Here is your chance to be involved in a regional project and actually make a change by simply investing a few hours a week.

We are also going to have a poster competition to spread awareness on the social media pages about the same. Details will be sent in a later email.
Timeline for Poster competition- will be sent in a later email.

Timeline for Position Paper project-
Call for NMO/Chapter representatives – Opens 16th April 2018 , Closes 30th April 2018.
Teams announced - 2nd May 2018
Massive Data collection – ends July 15th 2018 Deadline
Compilation and Results Presented – to be announced

Don't miss this opportunity and FILL THIS FORM

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