Next Steps: Confirming the details of your Financial Inclusion Week 2018 event!
Thank you for your partnership and participation in Financial Inclusion Week 2018! We are excited for the fourth annual Financial Inclusion Week, taking place from October 29 - November 2, 2018. Over the past three years, over 80 partner organizations have engaged over 2 million people worldwide to discuss the most pressing actions needed to advance financial inclusion globally. In 2018, we aim to continue the conversations from last year and engage an even wider community of stakeholders to discuss this year’s theme "Getting Inclusion Right."

As the Center for Financial Inclusion at Accion celebrates its 10th anniversary, we invite the Financial Inclusion Week 2018 community to join us in this journey and reflect on these questions: "What do we need to get right? What do we need to get right to ensure that gains in access lead to true improvements in the lives of the underserved? What are the great upcoming risks that we need to address now to protect customers?"

Please fill out the following form to confirm your event details by Wednesday, October 10, 2018. If you are hosting multiple events, we ask that you fill out a separate Google form for each. Additionally, if you are hosting a webinar, please be sure to include a registration link so that we can begin promoting it. We will add your event to a full calendar of Financial Inclusion Week events that will be launched on the Financial Inclusion Week website on Wednesday, October 17. In the meantime, we encourage you to check out our partner resources, and ask that you please include the Center for Financial Inclusion logo on any event promotion.

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The goal of Financial Inclusion Week is for leaders to address the key issues that are essential in their own contexts in order to advance financial inclusion. This year we are focusing on the theme "Getting Inclusion Right" so we encourage partners to think about the ways in which financial inclusion can deliver real value to customers' lives.

We want to ensure we understand how you would like us to communicate the details of your event. Therefore, it is crucial that you provide as much specificity as possible for your event—we plan to incorporate this information into our website, including the events calendar.

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We welcome you to pick the format that works best for you. That may be a larger event or a smaller conversation that could occur in person, by conference call, or by webinar. The most important thing is that your event fulfills our common purpose of having conversations that are significant for advancing financial inclusion. Please find some suggested formats below, but know that your options are not restricted to these.
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We will include this on the Financial Inclusion Week website (for example, in Bogota, Colombia, a group of about 30 key stakeholders, primarily bankers, will gather at a roundtable to discuss how to better integrate behavioral insights into their financial capability models).
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We would love to get an idea of the type of stakeholders you will be engaging. Please provide as much specificity as you can, with the understanding that this is just an initial list rather than a final list of participants.
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