Questionnaire for Requesting Childcare (Summer Camp 2019)
Thank you for taking the time to fill out this questionnaire! It’s important to us to be prepared to support you and your time at rock camp!

*Please let us know as soon as you know whether you will (or will not) need childcare during Summer Rock Camp.* As caregivers, we know having childcare can mean the difference between saying yes to rock camp and saying no. It’s difficult and stressful for us to find someone at the last minute, and while we hope to avoid over scheduling our volunteers, its much easier to be send someone home than it is to call someone in. Thank you for overcommunicating your needs to us!

*Please bring a water bottle or cup for your children, and labeled snacks if they have allergies or specific requests (we’ll offer snacks we have on hand, but kiddos can be picky!).

*We’ll set aside a childcare room for activities, play, and quiet time- we also have a projector for movies during quiet times. Please feel free to bring toys, games blankets (just label anything you don’t want lost in the shuffle!)

*In order to give our childcare volunteers time to rest and care for themselves, we will not offer childcare during meal times. We’d invite you to eat with your kiddos - this helps volunteers rest. Thank you for your understanding!

That’s it! We love children- they’re the magical wonderhumans that make life awesome! We can’t wait to rock with them, and to rock with you! Thanks for letting us support you!

GRP Staff

What is your name?
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What is your phone number?
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What is your email address?
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When do you need childcare at camp?
All day
Morning (before lunch)
Afternoon (after lunch)
Sun, July 7th (Orientation)
Mon, July 8th
Tues, July 9th
Wed, July 10th
Thurs, July 11th
Fri, July 12th
Mon, July 15th
Tues, July 16th
Wed, July 17th
Thurs, July 18th
Fri, July 19th
If you need childcare for partial days, tell us more about what times:
Please be as specific as possible! i.e. “Monday, July 8th from 9-12; my sister will pick kids up at 12PM ”
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How many children need childcare? What are their names?
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Tell us about your child(ren)!
What is your child's personality like? What are the things they love? (ie. favorite movie, TV show, game, toy, stuffed animal, pastime, foods, snacks, etc) What are the things they dislike?
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How old are your children?
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What are your child's abilities in terms of independence? (feeding themselves, diapers, going potty independently?)
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Could you describe your child's general sleep/nap schedule?
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Does your child have any allergies?
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Would you prefer to meet each person who looks after your child(ren?)
We know that some caregivers would feel more comfortable having met each person who looks after their child(ren).
Emergency Contact Info
In the case of an emergency in which we cannot reach you, who should we contact? (Phone numbers are preferable)
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Anything else that you feel would be important for us to know about?
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