SEOUL NEW JAZZ DISCOVERY 2019 International Artist Call
International artists are invited to apply to perform for the “Seoul New Jazz Discovery 2019”. This is a great opportunity to showcase your music during four separate festivals in South Korea. Two events will be held in the capitol city of Seoul and Two in Jeju Island.

The Seoul New Jazz Discovery 2019 hopes to attract and connect artists, audiences, and diverse experts in the music business for the purpose of establishing worldwide opportunities and relationships. Artists can apply to as many of the four venue locations on a single application as desired.

1. Zandari Festa – 26 through 29 September 2019 in Hongdae, Seoul
This is a four-day festival that started in 2012 and hosts a live music showcase for participating musicians, audiences, promoters, publishers, booking agencies and labels internationally accumulated networks in partnerships. This is a premier independent music showcase festival held in the heart of the Hongdae area with various types of indoor venues. This year, one of its venues will present the exclusive stage for Seoul New Jazz Discovery.

2. Seoul Forest Jazz Festival – 28 & 29 September 2019 in the Seoul Forest
This is a two-day outdoor festival that started in 2017 and takes place in the natural beauty of the Seoul Forest. This festival is for general audiences that like all music and hardcore jazz enthusiasts.

3. Round Midnight 2019 Summer Edition – 19 through 21 July on Jeju Island
This first time event at Playce Camp is hosted by iconic concert brand “Round Midnight” named after the title of Thelonious Monk's famous jazz standard. A Jazz night with books and a relaxed audience setting is the theme to inspire musicians, artists, writers, pianists, sing-a-songwriters, poets and photographers to collaborate freely on stage in new dimensions.

4. Jeju Island Jazz Festival – 3 & 4 August on Jeju Island
This will be the first year of a fantastic outdoor summer Jazz Festival held at Playce Camp on Korea’s beloved Jeju Island . The venue, Playce Camp Jeju, is a resort having 200 or more room capacities close from the Wold Natural Heritage "Seong San Sunrise Peak". Also it is known for hosting likeminded festivals appealing travelers from all across the world.

* Application Deadline
June 2nd, 2019 at (GMT +09:00) 23:59

* Requirements
1. Releasing official record of EP or album (including Digital) within 3 years
2. 10 or more times performance experiences in live music venue in 2 years
3. In case of electric music performances, preferable to be played as live set rather than DJ sets. If you play hip-hop as a rapper, it's better to perform with live set having instrumental performancers than MR or DJ set.

* Application Processing Schedule:
1. Fill out the application form :
2. Dead line: June 2nd, 2019 at (GMT +09:00) 23:59
2. Result Announcement: all applications, both successful and unsuccessful, will be notified their outcome after July 3rd, through email.


1. Zandari Festa:
- Members of the bands and a staff can access to all the stages and artist lounge.
- Maximum 5 audience tickets for the day that you are performing.
- Various Networking party with music business experts.
- Artist lounge provides free beer and beverages.
- Stage Assistances if necessary.

2. Seoul Forest Jazz Festival / Round Midnight / Jeju Island Jazz Festival
- Financial Offer will be discussed for each selected bands/artists.
- Financial Offer may include flight tickets, accommodations and performance fee. It will be different from each band's circumstances.

* Stage Infos
All venues will be equipped with a full drum kit, guitar and bass amps (although specifications will vary from venues), and more as well as sound and lighting systems, operating staffs, and assistancies if necessary. The specific information will be informed ahead.

* Promotional Use of Stage Performance
Selected Band's presentation can be used in various stage performance promotions on the official festival websites and SNS channel. All the stage performance videos and photograph can be presented after the festivals for promotional purpose.

* Privacy Protection Policy
Notice: With contact information that you provide through the applications will be used also 2019-2020 Pageturner Inc.'s Festivals and showcases stage invitations. We'll keep the application DB in case and use only for stage communications.

!! If you have any questions or problems regard the application, please contact us:
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