Ghana CARES Youth Support Programme - Request Form
The Ghana COVID-19 Alleviation and Revitalization of Enterprises Support (CARES) “Obaatan pa” programme in a bid to foster youth development has identified some key sectors of the economy to be enhanced to support the creation of employment and job opportunities for 500,000 young people over 3 years. These areas include:

1. Agriculture: Support commercial farming especially in tomato, rice, poultry and soya

2. Light Manufacturing Industry: Develop local processing capacity in agriculture (rice, poultry, cassava, sugar and tomatoes), pharmaceuticals and textiles and garments to accelerate import substitution

3. Technology and Digital Economy: Develop and operate technology hubs in each region, in order to make it easier for young Ghanaian tech entrepreneurs to start up or build their businesses and export IT-enabled services such as Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), etc.

4. Housing and Construction: Strengthen the capacity of local construction companies to address housing deficit and create jobs in masonry, carpentry, plumbing etc.

5. Tourism: Promote investment in and development of tourism sector in collaboration with the private sector for job creation and economic expansion

If you are interested in receiving support under the Ghana CARES in any of the economic sectors listed above, kindly complete this form and submit for vetting. For further information on the Ghana CARES programme, visit the Ministry of Finance website:

Contact us:

The CARES Coordinating Office
Room 427-New Block
Ministry of Finance
Finance Drive
P.O. Box M40, Accra-Ghana.
Tel: 0302747197 EXT 6022 / 0303942921

National Entrepreneurship and Innovation Programme
Nii Amarh Olennu Street
4th Circular Street,
Tel: 0299003840 | 0299003842 | 0299003843

Ghana Enterprises Agency
#66 Gamel Street, Accra
P.O. Box MB85, Accra
Tel: 0302747777

DISCLAIMER: Applicants should note that submitted forms would be subject to vetting prior to any further decision. Thus, not all applicants would be contacted to receive support under the Ghana CARES. Also note that, you are not supposed to make any payments (in cash or kind) to anyone to be eligible for support under the programme. Government would not be held responsible should applicants make payments to anyone in hopes of receiving support.
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