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Thank you for your interest in attending the Volunteer Screening Lab. Successful applicants will embark on an exciting learning journey that will shift your perspective and give you tangible steps to move forward in successfully engaging volunteers.

Please fill out the following pre-screening form carefully. This information will help us frame the course in a way that is beneficial for those who will participate.

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Future Screening Process
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Next Steps
Following acceptance into the lab we will require:
- A one page letter of support from your organization.
- Payment (an invoice for payment will be forwarded to your organization following acceptance)

You can expect to hear back from us by August 3rd and at that time we will support in filling out a Canada Alberta Job Grant.

September 11
September 25
October 16
November 13
Cost: $450
More info:

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email or

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