Annual Falcon Rowing Membership Online
A form is required for every member of the family.
Membership is an annual fee paid at the time you started using club facilities. You will receive a reminder of when your membership expires 3 weeks before it is due to be renewed. It is an annual fee please do not ask for shorter memberships or refunds if you stop using the club.
You membership renewal starts from your expiry date unless you have not used club facilities in the last year.
You can pay for all in one payment.
Please add up your fees as you go.
Any queries e-mail
Please use the submit button at the bottom of the page when you have finished.
Please do not print off this form you will receive an email detailing how much to pay and the bank details.(if you fill your email correctly.)
Membership Start / Renewal Date
New members - the date you first used the club facilities.
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Email Address
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Home Phone Number
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Mobile Number
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Do you hold any club keys?
Who was your learn to row coach (if appropriate)
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Date of Birth
If you click on the drop arrow then the year you can scroll quickly
If under 18
Parent or Guardian Name
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Parent Mobile Number
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Parent E-Mail
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Boat Racking
Fee now includes EA boat registration fee due on 1st April
Single Scull Inside £135
Single Scull Outside £120
Double Inside £230
Double Outside £190
1st Boat Number
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1st Boat Fee
use numbers only
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2nd Boat Number
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2nd Boat Fee
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Membership Type
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Adult Membership
£225 - 18 and over
Adult Off Peak Membership (weekday before 5.30 pm)
£120 - 18 and over
Unemployed or Student - 18 and over
£160 ( This category of membership is to support those with no income, please do not abuse it)
Junior (Under 18) Membership
£125 - need to contact junior section for a place
Junior Under 18 Membership (parent a member)
Active Coach Qualified
Temporary 1 month membership
John Hill Beginner Course
If you decide to join after the course. Free for three months then pay £165 for full membership, £120 for Student.
Membership Fee
Work out from table above and enter amount. This form is for one person. To add other members fill out another form.
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Payment Details
If your fee is paid by another member please put their full name in the Payment Reference Code Box.

BACS: When making the transfer you must include a reference code which includes at least the first 5 letters of your surname (or who you are paying membership for) plus an R at the end to indicate that you are paying for Rowing/Sculling (rather than Kayaking) Membership.

Payment should be made to the new club Account Number: 65672295 Sort Code: 08-92-99

Date of Transfer
Payment Reference Code
If someone else has paid your fee enter their name as a referance.
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Total Amount Paid
If no payment enter 0. This is a new bank account do not send to the old account.
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The Small Print.
I agree:
to seek out and conform with the club’s rules, bye‐laws and regulations in force and abide by the decisions of the club
 to adhere to the British Rowing Row Safe water safety code and take account of safety on and off the water at all times including checking the weather, river conditions and the condition of the boat and equipment being used to ensure that it is as safe as possible prior to setting out
 to help with a reasonable and fair share of activities towards running the club
 to allow my details to be held on the club’s membership database and be used during the running of the club
 to notify the membership secretary if my contact details change
 that my health is my own responsibility and that I have read and will comply with the health note below
 that I am a competent swimmer and able to swim at least 50 metres in light clothing, tread water for at least 2 minutes and swim under water for at least 5 metres (active rowers only)
that you are aware that personal belongings that are left in the club are your responsibility and are not insured by the club.

Health Note: Regular exercise may include some risk. Before beginning a regular exercise programme, you may wish to consult your doctor, especially if you are over 40 years of age and have not recently done any regular exercise; smoke; have high blood pressure/cholesterol; have any signs/symptoms of any disease; are recovering from a serious illness or surgery; experience chest pains/dizziness/loss of consciousness; have a pacemaker or another implanted electronic device; have any other concerns about your ability to undertake regular exercise. Please let your coach or captain know if you are under doctor’s advice regarding exercise or if there is anything else they should be aware of in the interest of your
health or safety.

Accept Terms and Conditions, especially the bit about sharing activities towards running the club. There is a cleaning rota!
Please add comments or extra information here.
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