Catharsis on the Mall 2018 Art Theme Camp Form
A Theme Camp is an interactive camp. Theme Camps are a gift and contribution to Catharsis on the Mall. Theme Camps are groups of Radical Participants who come together to provide a service, entertainment, art, or other creative interactive experience for everyone at Catharsis on the Mall.

We would love to work with you to bring your Art Theme Camp to the National Mall for Catharsis 2018. Working within the constraints of our permit with the National Parks Service, we will do our best to provide space for the Art Theme Camps that resonate best with our art theme.

Please fill out the below questionnaire and we will be in touch soon with next steps. In general we want to get a sense of what you want to do with this questionnaire sooner than later for our planning, so please don't feel obligated to spend many hours figuring out every last detail before you submit this. We can follow up with more details and questions after we hear from you.

**Please review the theme camp context and guidelines here:**

Email address *
Elevator Pitch - 1-3 sentence description of what your Theme Camp is and what it is all about:
What is the name of your Theme Camp?
Please provide a detailed description of your Theme Camp as much as possible.
How does your project relate to the theme? If it does not, any reasons you feel this piece is especially relevant for Catharsis on the Mall 2018?
Name of Art Theme Camp Lead
Phone Number
Do you or folks working with you have prior experience relevant to this project that you want to briefly share?
Approximate Theme Camp dimensions (ground footprint and height)
Sketch/Draft/Drawing of Your Theme Camp
Does your Theme Camp involve anything you think might require discussion or mitigation with National Parks Service given our permit and tight LNT requirements on the National Mall?
Does your project require electricity? If so, do you have an estimate for how much? Is it needed 24/7 or just at night? Do you have a mitigation plan if it is not available?
Do you have major concerns or issues to overcome for project setup and teardown/cleanup that we should discuss?
Is there anything not yet listed that you would you need from Catharsis on the Mall to make this art project a reality?
Anything else you want to share?
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