Research survey - emotional wellbeing
Hi, thank you for agreeing to take part in this survey, your help is very valuable!
I am running this research as part of a project that aims to understand how people generally deal with low, painful, or overwhelming emotions in their lives.
I believe we are very good at desiring and seeking positive emotions, but most of us are not really interested/or maybe do not have the capacity to deal with low and painful emotions. So I would like to understand where you are at in your journey. There is no right or wrong answer here.
Please make sure you take your time filling in the survey as it needs some reflective thinking.

Please note that all responses are anonymous, but if you do not mind to be contacted for an interview to help further, please leave your email address.
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Age range *
To which gender identity do you most identify? *
Which of the following describe you when dealing with overwhelming/low emotions? (you can chose more than one)
Can you describe a time when you experienced overwhelming, low or painful emotions? how did you re-act to it? *
What was mostly challenging for you in dealing with painful emotions?
Can you describe one or two ways that helped you deal with these emotions (if any)? how did it make you feel?
How easy was it to find the right resources/tools that helped you process them?
Not easy at all
Very easy
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How often do you find yourself avoiding low or painful emotions?
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Do you have any existing practice that helps you check-in with your feelings on a daily basis? Can you describe how successful they are (if applicable)?
How confident about yourself being able to manage your emotional well-being?
Not confident at all
Very confident
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Can you think of a way that could help you develop a regular emotional well-being practice?
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