Blair Crew - 2019 Spring Break Camp Rower's Contract
Blair Crew Spring Break Camp is an opportunity for rowers and coxswains to participate in high intensity training, rowing two or three sessions for four days, for up to two hours a session.

Spring Break Camp is located at R. M. Cooper Leadership Center at 8001MW Rickenbaker Road, Summerton, SC 29148. Blair Crew coaches provide the training, Blair Crew parents act as chaperons and provide limited supervision. Rowers and coxswains are expected to demonstrate responsible and safe behavior while participating in all Spring Break Camp activities.

Water Practice and Team Activities Attendance
During this week, we expect full commitment, participation and support from all team members.

All rowers and coxs are expected to participate in all team activities, including all water practices.

Rowers and coxs are expected to be on the docks at the scheduled time, ready to begin practice activities.

Any absence from water practice must be discussed with the coach in advance of the practice start time. This includes illness and injury related absences. This is out of concern for the rower/cox’s safety and the need to plan boat assignments to maximize the training opportunity.

Practice is held no matter the weather. If high wind or thunderstorms preclude water practice, a land workout will be held on the Center premises.

Spring Break Camp is an opportunity for Blair Crew to spend concentrated time as a team, on and off the water. The intense training session will require increased participation from the rowers and coxs in rigging boats, and cleaning and organizing gear. Take initiative and volunteer. Positive behaviors reflect positively on yourself, your team, and your school.

Positive behaviors include adhering to the team schedule for meals, water practice, team meetings, dorm time and lights out. Spring break camp includes two to three water practices per day, beginning as early as 6AM. It is imperative that all crew members get the enough sleep to perform at their top form. Rowers are expected to adhere to the dorm time set by coaches, captains and chaperons. For the safety of all, crew team members are expected to remain in their dorms from the established dorm time until breakfast the following morning. Unwillingness to adhere to these expectations will result in disciplinary action.

While there are many benefits to participating in this camp, it is also imperative that all participants be considerate of teammates, coaches and chaperons. Disrespectful, disparaging and abusive comments or other improper behavior towards or about teammates, coaches, chaperons and members/coaches of other teams will not be tolerated, and will result in disciplinary action.

Practice is a time to focus on gain strength and skills.

BEFORE practice starts, make certain to fill your water bottle, go to the bathroom and properly stretch and warm-up BEFORE practice starts.

As soon as you arrive at the boathouse, check your seating for the day on the line-up board. From there, take down an oar for the boat you will be rowing in. Do not expect someone else to get your oar for you.

Make certain oars are returned from the dock after practice. The rowers will be assigned their jobs by the coxswain. For instance, “port side, get the oars” or “starboard clean the shell.” Do not expect someone else to get the oars or wash the boat. Again, proactive is the best approach.

Other teams will be practicing at the same time. Give them the space they need. If you see another boat needing some sort of assistance, help them.

Absolutely no horseplay on the docks or around the equipment. This includes throwing people off the dock.
Listen to your coxswain. Listen to your coach.

Illegal drug and alcohol is prohibited
Blair Crew is committed to upholding all local, state, and federal laws in the area of illegal drug and alcohol use by team members. We further recognize that to perform as students and athletes, and to best honor the work done by your teammates, each rower must commit to remaining free of illegal drugs, alcohol and tobacco. In addition, R.M. Cooper Leadership Center is tobacco-free. All forms of tobacco and smoke-related products are prohibited on Center grounds, including e-cigarettes and vapes.

Rowers found to be using, in possession of, or under the influence of illegal drugs, alcohol, or any form of tobacco at any time during Spring Break Camp, will be banned from the camp immediately. The rower’s parents will be notified and will be required to pick up their rowers from the camp at the expense of the parent/guardian. Additional sanctions may follow, up to and including expulsion from the team.

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