Transportation Survey - Gorilla Park
Gorilla Park sits amidst an exciting wave of development projects and transformative growth occurring in the Mile-Ex neighbourhood. In recognizing the park as an opportune area for revitalization, planning officials from the City have identified key stakeholders to include in this planning process.

Who We Are:
As undergraduate urban planning students from Concordia University, we represent a small share of those selected stakeholders. For our semester-long project, we he have been assigned task of finding practical yet creative transportation-related solutions and ideas for Gorilla Park. In our process, we created this survey to obtain feedback by those who currently have a relationship with the park and would be directly affected by our proposals. The scope of our task is how to facilitate increased mobility in the area, so the questions in this survey revolve around various modes of both existing and future transportation.

Statement of Intent:
All results obtained from this survey will be reviewed solely by the students working on this assignment and the data will not be publicly released or published. The results will be discussed during a presentation to Concordia students, officials from the City, and our professor.

Any inquiries can be sent to:
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What is your relationship with Gorilla Park? *
For roughly how long have you engaged with Gorilla Park? *
How often do you engage with Gorilla Park? *
What is your predominant method of travelling to and from Gorilla Park in the SUMMER? *
What is your predominant method of travelling to and from Gorilla Park in the WINTER? *
Are you satisfied with the current parking or storage available for your method of travel? *
How often do you use floating vehicles (i.e. Jump Bikes, Lime Scooters) *
If a designated hub for floating vehicles (consistent availability, charging docks, covered storage) was established in Gorilla Park, how likely are you to use them?
Not Likely
Very Likely
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If available, how likely are you to use an autonomous (self-driving) minibus connecting Gorilla Park to the Metro, UdeM and other activity nodes? *
Not Likely
Very Likely
Which mobility issues are important to you / which interventions would you prioritize? *
Not Important
Somewhat Important
Very Important
Additional Bike Storage (i.e. racks)
Bike Repair Services
Increased Availability of Floating Vehicles (i.e. Jump Bikes, Lime Scooters)
Increased Availability of BIXI
Floating Vehicle Storage / Charging Stations
Preserving Historical Themes (i.e. industrial, railway)
Representing Tech Industry (i.e. AI)
Improved Access to Metro Stations (i.e. new minibus routes)
Additional Bike Routes / Lanes
Improved Crosswalks (i.e. St.Urbain & Beaubien)
Auto-Share Availability / Parking Spots
Please include any additional comments regarding mobility around Gorilla Park
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