Draft Vision and Objectives Survey - Bromham Neighbourhood Plan
What are the Vision and Objectives?

Based on our work to date, the plan steering group has been working on a vision and objectives.

Our vision describes how we would like Bromham to be over the coming 15-20 years. It sets out a broad picture of the aspirations for Bromham Parish and what land use and development challenges will need to be addressed looking ahead.

The objectives are more specific and set out what the Neighbourhood Plan aims to achieve. They set out what needs to be done in order to achieve the vision.

The vision and objectives will provide the framework to develop the Neighbourhood Plan's policies and practical projects. Each policy will relate to one or more objectives. The policies will be used by Planning Officers in Wiltshire Council when considering any planning application in Bromham Parish.

Please give us your views on the draft vision and objectives! Your comments are really important and will inform the content of the Neighbourhood Plan.
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