2021 F. H. King Garden Internship Application
The F.H. King Students for Sustainable Agriculture Summer Farm Internship program provides both students and community members with an overview of sustainable agriculture practices and applications. Beyond learning and skill development you can expect to get dirty, build community, eat good and fresh food and have fun!

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we have decided to reduce our internship to a single cohort with a capacity of 15 interns to ensure it is possible to practice social distancing at all times throughout the program. F.H. King is committed to your safety and the safety of the community; please understand that as the pandemic continues changing, safest practices may also evolve and this may impact how our internship is run. We are currently intending to manage the safety of the internship by following Dane County and UW-Madison COVID-19 guidelines. All internship related activities will be held outside and all those present (interns, speakers, directors, etc) will practice social distancing by remaining 6 feet apart. These activities will not exceed 25 people. Moreover, all those present at internship activities are required to wear an approved mask and hand sanitizer will be provided. All equipment or materials utilized will be sanitized before and after use. Only students participating in the Safer Badger program can participate in the internship and interns will be required to present a green Badger Badge prior to each activity. To assist in any contact tracing efforts, attendance will be recorded at all internship activities. If you have any questions regarding safety during the 2021 Garden internship please contact the F. H. king Education Director at fhking.intern@gmail.com.

This internship does not offer University credit; however, if you want to use your experience in the internship to attain credit we want to help! Please inform the Education Director if you are interested in perusing credit, and we will collaborate with your advisor to create a plan.


This Summer we will be offering one cohort, which will run for 11 weeks from May 31 through August 14th. This timeline remains flexible due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Interns are encouraged to commit at least 5 hours per week to the internship. This requirement is flexible; as the internship is unpaid, we understand that many interns will be maintaining other jobs during the summer (as well as dealing with the stress of the pandemic and daily life!), if meeting these requirements is not feasible for you or you have scheduling conflicts, please communicate this to the Education Director and we will work together to find an alternative.

- One hour will be completed by attending weekly workshops dedicated to growing food, animal agriculture, food sovereignty, etc. We will learn about different agricultural methods and the importance of food sovereignty, as well as gain skills necessary for maintaining sustainable food systems. In these workshops we will have the opportunity to learn from members in the community and F. H. King members. These will be held Tuesdays at 10-11 AM.

- The other 4 hours will be completed by working in the F.H. King Farm at Eagle Heights Community Garden. Work-days will be co-led by our Farm Directors and the Education Director. This is where we will apply what we are learning to growing food for the Madison Community. We have 2 scheduled options to complete this requirement. If you are unable to make these work-days there will be opportunities outside of these times to complete the 4 hours of labor required to complete the internship

-Interns will also participate in major projects which will culminate in intern-led workshops in the final three weeks of the program. As the work-load increases for the project throughout the summer, the hours necessary to complete it can be subtracted from weekly farm labor; therefore, intern projects will not increase intern workloads beyond the required hours.

Currently, the scheduled workdays are:

          - Wednesday at 5:00- 7:00 PM--  followed by an optional bonfire and hangout on the farm!
          - Sunday at 10:00-12:00 PM--  We will be harvesting the fruit of our labor!
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Growing food is physically demanding. We will bend, stretch, lift, and haul repeatedly each day, sometimes in unpleasant weather. We are committed to making this internship accessible to all abilities. Please asses your ability and willingness to perform repetitive and physically demanding tasks, noting any physical or mental constraints. Is there anything you need us to know or provide? *
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Are you available to attend workshops on Tuesday mornings 10-11 AM? (If not, please note under "other") *
Are you available to complete the work-day on Wednesday evenings? The goal of this work day is to learn about and assist with the daily tasks associated with maintaining the garden. (If special circumstances apply, please select "other" and note them). *
Are you interested in and/or available to join us for a socially distanced bon fire following the Wednesday evening work-day. We are hoping to use this time for interns to get to know each other and spend time enjoying our garden space. If you have other ideas, please share them in the "other" section *
Are you available to complete the work-day on Sunday morning? The goal of this work-day is build community, make sure interns are involved in harvesting, and help the success of Harvest Handouts. (If special circumstances apply, please select "other" and note them). *
Are you interested in joining us for yoga at the garden? If there is enough interest, we will pursue finding dates to host a weekly student yoga-instructor led session *
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