Voice2Youth 2020 Vision Poetry Slam at TCU
Date: Saturday, April 4th
Time 12 - 3 (Slam participants must check in at 11:00 a.m.)
Address: 2805 S University Dr, Fort Worth, TX 76129 (Moudy North Bldg, Room 141)
Contact us at (817) 306-4441
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I understand that I will have to submit a Parent Consent and Release Form for each registrant under age 18 by March 20th. I also understand that a registrant 18 or older must submit a Consent and Release Form by March 20th in order to participate. Forms can be downloaded from the Thank You Darlin' Foundation website at www.tydfoundation.org *
I understand that the registering school/organization will need to pay a registration fee of $125 by March 20th. Once you've registered, an invoice will be sent to your email. This fee may be waived if you're a Thank You Darlin' Foundation after-school partner. *
I understand individual poets or a poetry team not connected with a school/organization is asked to make a $5 donation per person to the Thank You Darlin' Foundation by March 20th at www.tydfoundation.org *
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