PLEASE READ THIS IMPORTANT NOTICE: Due to the uncertainty of the COVID-19 situation and also the Governmental Measures, we provide only online Marriage Preparation Course for to-be-married couples for now. You can start attending the online course from the comfort of your own home from 3rd week of May onwards.

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I am registering for a PRIVATE one-on-one session via Zoom (during the CB period) with the Trainer. This information is only for couples who want to attend a private one-on-one course with the trainer - I am keen to join the *Private 1-day course at $150 per person ($300 per couple). *By Appointment only - Tuesday till Thursday. Payment to be paid within 3 days upon registration. Please indicate which month and date you would like to book (subject to availability. Please check your preferred date with us first via WhatsApp at 91451182 - Coach Rasimah):
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Thank you for registration*. We'll send you a confirmation email with details once we received your payment. The following message applies to only in-class courses: Please note that we will only run the (in-class) course if we have a quorum of at least 3 couples in each class. For all online and in-class courses, we'll inform you at least 2 weeks before the actual date of the course if the course is postponed to another date.
Note: Venue stated may be subjected to change to another venue around the same vicinity. You will be informed via email if there is a change.
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