OSCAR Job Card Form 2021
This form is for submitting cards for the jobs/opportunities board which OSCAR hosts at various major Christian events during the year.

Please fill in the form for each separate opportunity. Cards are A6 size and in a standard format.

*** Due to the COVID-19 situation, most events have been postponed or cancelled so we are postponing this until further notice ***
Name of organisation, church or company *
Title of job, opportunity or programme *
Brief description *
Max 180 characters
Location *
i.e. town & country, or general region
Duration/Term *
In weeks, months or years. For opportunities with no particular time limit, please put 'Open'. For UK opportunities you may also put 'Full-time' or 'Part-time' with hours.
Remuneration *
You may select more than one if it is part salaried
Remuneration details
e.g. Salary or hourly rate, if any (max 45 characters)
Contact email address
For enquirers to contact
Contact phone number
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