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The Australian Research Data Common’s (ARDC's) Biomedical Data Asset project is a partnership between ARDC, Bioplatforms Australia, Phenomics Australia, Monash University and the Australian National University with engagement support provided by the Australian BioCommons. This project aims to link two of Australia’s most important biomedical data sets in a highly curated environment for the community.

The Biomedical Data Asset will combine human and animal model system data into one user-friendly and accessible environment. This will improve the functional understanding of genetic contributions to health and disease by synergistically boosting clinical management and biomedical research. Access to the biomedical data made available through this project will improve researcher ability to discover and experimentally validate gene function to improve diagnosis and treatment, especially in clinical human studies where genomic technologies have been used to identify genetic variation in relation to disease.

These data collections are:

1. The Aspirin in Reducing Events in the Elderly (ASPREE) study enabled through Monash University. ASPREE is a genomic and clinical data set from thousands of healthy older Australians. For further details, see:

2. The mouse Missense Mutation Library (MML) created and curated at the Australian National University and enabled by Phenomics Australia. MML is a genomic and phenotypic database and biorepository of known variant missense and nonsense variant mice. For further details, see:

The Biomedical Data Asset project seeks the input of Australian researchers who are using, or planning to use, cross-species genomic and phenomic data sets in the medical or health sciences. We’d like to hear about your needs in this space - the data types, tools, portals and databases.

This poll will help us gather basic information to support and advise the development of the Biomedical Data Asset.

This survey should take around 10 minutes.
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