B4B Challenge 2018 - Application Form
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Important Notes for Applicants
1. Application deadline: 12:00 noon, 18th November, 2018 (Hong Kong time)

2. This Application Form must be completed either in Chinese or English.

3. Applicants must submit the completed Application Forms enclosed with following document(s). Only completed Application Forms with the following document(s) enclosed shall be considered valid entries:
a) A completed and duly signed Form of Declaration and Consent (Annex 1);
b) A completed and duly signed Form of Consent of Participation (Annex 2) (for start-up teams only); and
c) True copies of each of the earliest and latest Business Registration Certificates, and a true copy of the Certificate of Incorporation, of the company (for start-up teams only).

4. It is in the Applicant’s interest to provide as much detailed information as possible to assist the Judging Panel to assess its proposed solution.

5. The Chinese version of this Application Form is for reference only. If there is any discrepancy, inconsistency or ambiguity between the Chinese version and the English version, the English version shall prevail.

6. If you have any enquiries about this Application Form, please contact us at info@b4bchallenge.com.

1. 參賽報名截止日期和時間:2018年11月18日中午12時(香港時間)

2. 本參賽表格必須以中文或英文填寫。

3. 經參賽團隊填妥的參賽表格必須連同以下文件,一併提交
a) 一份填妥和妥為簽立的參賽聲明(附件1);
b) 一份填妥和妥為簽立的參賽同意書(附件2)(僅限初創企業團隊);及
c) 最早和最近的公司商業登記證和公司註冊證明書的真確副本(僅限初創企業團隊)。

4. 建議參賽者盡量提供詳盡資料,以助參賽方案之評審。

5. 中文版本只供參考之用,若與英文版本有差異或歧義、或不一致,一概以英文版本為準。

6. 如對填寫本參賽表格有任何問題,歡迎電郵至 info@b4bchallenge.com 與主辦機構聯絡。

Table of Content 目錄
1. Company/ Team Information 公司/ 團隊資料
2. Particulars of Applicants 參賽者資料
3. Proposed Solution 參賽方案
4. Documents Submission 提交文件
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