2019 MAS LA Convention Volunteer Application Form
Dates: Nov 28th - Nov 30th
Location: Ontario Convention Center

Thank you for your interest in volunteering for the Muslim American Society 2019 Convention. As a member of a vibrant and active Muslim community, your experience in Islamic work is very much appreciated since our 22nd Annual Convention is one of the largest events that has been serving Southern California. We are looking for energetic volunteers to be a part of this awesome event, so let's get started with the form!

There are a few key information you should be aware of:

* All Volunteers are expected to be onsite from Wednesday, November 27th to Saturday November 30th.
* All Volunteers need to be 18+ (bring ID for verification)

Again, thank you for your interest in volunteering for this great event!

Jazakum Allahu Khyran
Volunteer Management
MAS Convention 2019
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Committee Descriptions
Good for individuals who are able to communicate and negotiate effectively, fulfill contracts, handle payments, and manage vendors during the convention.

CAMP DEEN (3rd-6th grade)
Individuals who enjoy working with children engaging them in various activities which include: short sessions with the convention guests, interactive learning, science show/puppet show/reptiles types of contracted entertainment, jumper, sports, field trip...etc.

Individuals who are people-friendly, organized, problem-solvers and quick on their feet are needed on the customer service committee. Answering questions, ushering individuals, solving problems that affect the attendee's experience are part of the customer service committee's responsibilities.

People who will serve food during breakfast, lunch and dinner all three days of the convention. These individuals are also responsible for restocking utensils and other supplies, along with making sure the food area is organized, clean, and food lines are maintained. Requires individuals who are able to work in teams and in a fast paced, sometimes stressful environment.

The guest committee is responsible for speakers and special guests of the convention. This includes picking up/dropping off speakers/guests at the airport, taking care of the needs of speakers, ensuring speakers arrive to sessions on time, etc. Individuals who are hospitable and people-friendly are needed.

KIDZ KLUB (1 year old - 2nd Grade)
For those who enjoy interacting with young children in small group setting, keeping them engaged with a variety of options, and caring for their needs.

Individuals who have great customer service, multi-tasking, and problem-solving skills are needed at the registration tables. Registration is where convention attendees come to sign up for the convention. Registration is split between pre-registration and onsite registration.

People who will transport and move all needed supplies from storage to the convention location, set up supplies before convention start as well as moving all supplies out of the site after the convention end. These individuals are also responsible for running errands during the convention to meet the needs of all committees. Requires individuals who are able to work in teams. Due to the physical demands of this committee, brothers preferred.

Individuals who are quick on their feet and problem solvers are needed on the Site (facilities/location) committee. This committee is responsible for ensuring the facilities is in tune with the convention's needs. This includes audio/visual, room setup/tear down, etc.

YOUNG YOUTH (7th-9th grade)
Youth mentors or those who enjoy working and engaging with younger youth. Program offer a balanced variety of discussions, games, sports, short lectures, workshops, field trips...etc. Individuals may work on developing the program months before the convention or choose to work during the convention implementing the program.

YOUTH (10th grade-1st year college)
Youth mentors or those who enjoy working and engaging the older youth. Duties can range from working on developing the youth program months before the convention to implementing the program during the convention. The youth program include a spiritual, social, physical, and intellectual sessions and activities in various formats to meet the different needs of individuals.

Please choose your top three (3) convention operational committees preferences below, with (1) being your first choice.
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