Computer Awareness Survey
This survey is divided into two levels.

 Level I include all basic questions about computer and its application and mandatory for all candidates.

 Level II is optional for B.A and M.A students but mandatory for all M.Phil and Ph.D. students that includes detail of research oriented tools.

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This level contain six sections of some basic questions of computer usage and its applications.
Section-1 Computer Basics
Q 1. Do you know how to decide good configuration to buy a new computer/laptop?
Q 2. Do you know how to install/format windows operating system (window 7/8/8.1) ?
Q 3. Dow you know how to secure computer/laptop or folder and important documents with password ?
Q 4. Do you know how to install software (VLC media player, MS office, Chrome/Firefox browser, Antivirus etc) on personal computer/laptop ?
Q 5. Do you know the tips and techniques (without installing Antivirus) to secure your personal computer/laptop from virus attack?
Q 6. Do you know how to create multiple partitions on hard-disk ?
Q 7. Do you know how to create back up of your important data, photo and files?
Q 8. Are you familiar with Linux operating system and other open source software/tools?
Q 9. Would you like to have training on open source Linux operating system and its other software and tools?
Section-2 : Microsoft Word
Q 10. Do you know how to format (margin, style, color), insert (graph, chart, table) in the word document ?
Q 11. Do you know how to add header & footer, date & time, page number in the word document ?
Q 12. Do you know how to find and replace a specific word in the word document ?
Q 13. Do you know how to save/convert your word file into pdf file ?
Q 14. Do you know how to recover lost word file ?
Section-3 Microsoft Power Point Presentation
Q 15. Do you know how to insert new slide, design and animation in MS power point ?
Q 16. Do you know how to create custom animation (effect on text, speed and time) in slide ?
Q 17. Do you know how to insert picture, audio, video, clip art in power point ?
Q 18. Do you know how to set up slide show ?
Section-4 Microsoft Excel
Q 19. Do you know how to store data and create charts ?
Q 20. Do you know how to apply logical, mathematical and financial formula on stored data ?
Q 21. Do you know how to import data from other data sources like text, access and other databases into excel ?
Section-5 Cyber (Web Internet) Security
Q 22. Do you know how to do secure browsing on internet (safe guard your confidential information against the attacks) ?
Q 23. Are you familiar with Do’s and Don’ts while using internet for transaction (Online shopping, paying bills etc) purpose ?
Q 24. Do you know about spam emails ?
Q 25. Do you know how and why to use Google drive?
Section-6 Mobile Usage
Q 26. Are you familiar with SOS applications in mobile to send alert in emergency ?
Q 27. Do you know how to use mobile tracker ?
Q 28. Are you aware of use of Poocho, Delhi Traffic Police application in android phone ?
Q 29. Do you use mobile to access library e- resources such e-newspapers, e-journals, e-books etc?
Q 30. Would you like to receive Instant Messaging through mobile from Central Library about Issue / return of Books and all other queries?
Level - 2 (Optional for B.A/M.A)
This level contains question about analytic tools important for research of M.Tech/M.Phil/PhD students. B.A/M.A students may participate or skip this level.
Q 31. Are you familiar with anti plagiarism tool known as Turnitin being used in JNU?
Q 32. Do you need more training on anti plagiarism tool?
Q 33. Are you familiar with Reference Management tool like Mendeley/End Note?
Q 34. Are you familiar with SPSS(Data Analytic tool) ?
Q 35. Do you need training on any of above tool, if yes then please mentioned below?
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