2020 Call Committee--Short Survey
The Call Committee is asking for your input on this short survey. We would like to invite every member of your household to participate, as a family or as an individual. Please contact Amy Noel, the Call Committee Chairperson, at 608-386-0299 if you would like a member of the Call Committee to contact you.
What are some qualities, leadership skills, and ministry skills of a pastor that you believe will help move Halfway Creek forward? *
What is the most important thing you PERSONALLY are looking for in a pastor that makes you want to be a part of this congregation? *
What is unique about our congregation that we would want to share with a new pastor? What is it that our congregation does well? What gifts do we have? *
What do you hope the call committee will keep in mind as we do our work? *
How many people responded to this survey? *
How long have you been a member of Halfway Creek Lutheran Church *
Age of the people responding to this survey *
Please write your name and contact information below if you would like a member of the Call Committee to contact you for your input.
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