Expression of interest in Australian National Registry on SARS-COV2 infections during pregnancy
Pregnant women and their newborns are potentially at increased risk from SARS-COV2 infection.
Reliable timely data collection on maternal and perinatal outcomes will allow us to develop local evidence based guidance for the management of these women and their pregnancies.

1. Describe the presentation and clinical course of SARs-Cov2 infection in pregnant women
2. Assess obstetric, perinatal and neonatal outcomes after SARs-Cov2 infection
3. Describe modes of transmission
4. Identify any risk factors or modifiers that influence disease outcome for mother and baby including but not limited to:
i. Timing and mode of delivery, breastfeeding, rooming-in/separation
ii. Anti-viral treatments and supportive therapies
5. Facilitate international collaborative efforts to improve care of women exposed to novel and emergent pathogens.

This study is registered with the ANZCTR #ACTRN12620000449932.

It has received ethics approval from Monash Health HREC for National Mutual Acceptance Scheme #RES-20-0000-215A.

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