Putney Mutual Aid - Confidential Needs Survey
Hello Neighbors,

A group of Putney neighbors has coordinated a Mutual Aid toolkit for community use in response to the COVID-19 crisis. The toolkit includes:

1. Putney Mutual Aid Resource Page -- statewide resources for folks needing support
2. Putney Mutual Confidential Needs Survey -- allows you to communicate your need confidentially
3. Putney Mutual Aid Needs and Offerings Spreadsheet -- a shared Google sheet that allows you to put your need or desire to volunteer out to the community in a public document you can edit yourself

SAFETY: To reduce transmission of COVID-19 the State of VT has asked us to stay at home and keep social distance of 6 feet. If we go out of the house, we are asked to maintain distance, avoid going into anyone's home, and wash our hands before and after. Volunteers are being asked to follow Vermont Public Safety instructions to keep everyone safe and healthy. https://vem.vermont.gov/neighborly

We invite the Putney community to add their information (help offered or needs expressed) directly to the Putney Mutual Aid Google Sheet which is a public document. This should allow Putney community members to find each other and network in their community directly. (You will also find links to other parts of the toolkit.)
Find it HERE: bit.ly/PutneyNeedsOffering

We recognize that some in our community may wish for their need to be handled with a higher degree of confidentiality. This Confidential Needs Survey will help.

Please complete the below form to indicate your need. Fill in as much or as little as you would like, but know that the more you can provide the better we can work to find you a volunteer match. Your information will NOT be entered onto the publicly shared Putney Mutual Aid Google Sheet.

Volunteers on the Putney Mutual Aid Team will do their best to match you with a neighbor who may be able to help. In some cases, this may be someone who has self-identified as a point person in your neighborhood. By completing this survey, you give permission for the Putney Mutual Aid Team to share your information with people and organizations that may be able to help you.

If you have any urgent concerns and wish to reach Emergency Management Director Tom Goddard, you can contact him directly [802-387-4372; 802-579-9526; or via email at chief@putneyvt.org]. If you are interested in connecting directly with the Putney Foodshelf please email covid19putneyfoodshelf@gmail.com.

Lastly, if you know someone who is not online and/or would find it difficult to fill out this survey, please have them contact us and we can do this over the phone. You can send an email to the address listed below or contact either Jaime Contois [603-504-2906 (cell)] or Ruby McAdoo [802-839-9789 (cell)] for assistance with this confidential survey.

Be well and stay safe,

The Putney Mutual Aid Team
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