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Please use this form to send any personal stories you'd like to share our way.

You'll need submit this for EACH new personal story pitch idea (don't consolidate all your pitches into one form otherwise your entire submission will be rejected). You may submit as many pitches as you'd like.

Upon approval, we will get back to you with a submission deadline. Please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions -

Clever Girls Knows provides a relatable take on a variety of life topics for women, and seek content that our readers will find interesting and approachable. We aim to be the first stop for diverse women seeking, answers and guidance to successfully navigate the various area of their lives.

Clever Girls Know is a judgement-free, fun and honest take on life with it’s foundation being financial responsibility. The tone should be friendly, instructional and interesting.

In general we are seeking unique stories by women around accomplishments or overcoming a challenge related to any of the below categories (and category examples):

Personal Finance:
- Paying off debt
- Saving a large amount of money

- Finding the job of your dream

- How you built a 6 or 7 figure business

- Getting past depression

- Your love story
Your divorce and recovery story

- Your travel experience

- Your motherhood experience
- Overcoming post partum depression

o While they should be brief, keep your pitches as specific and detailed as possible, with examples.

o Ensure your pitch is non-duplicative. Take a second to search our site to see if there is anything similar already published.

o It should be noted that we might still reject a pitch if we believe it’s too similar to something else we’ve published. But based on what you find already on the site, you are free to take a new angle or put a new spin on an old topic. We always welcome a fresh take.

o Upon submission we will reach out to you within 30 days if our team determines we would like to run your story.

o All submissions (articles and images) made must be of original content. For images, you must have / own the rights to use.

o For any images submitted with articles, please provide attributions and confirmation that you have the rights to use them.

o All images submitted must be high-resolution and professional quality.

o Standard personal story length ~1000 words

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