Led Outdoor Activity Training Survey

If you have worked and/or volunteered in the led outdoor activity (LOA) sector, your participation in this survey would be greatly appreciated. Following the background information, you will find a short survey, consisting of eight questions. It will take approximately 15-20 minutes to complete.  

Background Information:

In an effort to fortify the led outdoor activity (LOA) sector in Canada, the Canadian Outdoor Summit has tasked several workgroups with objectives in preparation for the Summit, to be held in Fall of 2022. Workgroup #3 has been tasked with proposing and developing a framework for competencies and training when bringing a group outside. An important part of that process is to understand the breadth of LOA training being provided in Canada.

There are many avenues to obtain training for LOAs in Canada, including certification providers, private training programs, post-secondary training programs, and operator staff-training. While some long-standing training providers are widely known, many are not due to the vast geographical and contextual differences across LOAs in Canada. The following survey will pose questions to better understand the scope and distribution of LOA training providers in Canada.

For the purposes of this survey, LOAs are outdoor activities with one or more peoples in a clear role of responsibility for a group. LOAs can take place in urban or wilderness settings, and are typically influenced by the landscape at hand. LOAs include, but are not limited to, guided adventures, outdoor education, naturalist interpretation, community programs, adventure therapy, and traditional land-based learning programs. Furthermore, LOA training includes any program or process where the purpose is to prepare or qualify an individual to lead others through activities in an outdoor context.

Your response will remain anonymous. No identifiable information will be recorded in the survey. The members of the Canadian Outdoor Summit’s Workgroup #3 will review and compile the results. The results and their synthesis could be shared during the discussions and presentations of the Summit.

If you have any questions about the survey, please contact Albi Sole at albi_sole@shaw.ca. For more information about the Canadian Outdoor Summit, please visit https://canadianoutdoorsummit.com/.

Thank you for your participation.

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1. Have you worked and/or volunteered in a leadership role in the led outdoor activity (LOA) sector within Canada? *
2. If yes to the question above, please list the LOA positions you have had within the past 10 years. (Please include only those that operated within Canada).
3. Have you received formal LOA training in Canada, prior to or during your time in the LOA sector (including but not limited to certifications, staff-training, post-secondary programs, private training programs)? *
4. Have you attended or taken courses from a post-secondary LOA training program in Canada (including university, college or CEGEP programs)? If yes, please list the name of the program and institution. List multiple if applicable.
5. Have you acquired LOA related certifications in Canada (current and expired)? If yes, please list the name of the certification and organization or association. List multiple if applicable.
6. Have you attended LOA training prepared as “staff training” organized and delivered by an employer/operator in Canada (as opposed to staff training delivered by a third-party)? If yes, please list the company and/or organization. List multiple if applicable.
7. Have you attended additional LOA training in Canada which took place outside of staff training, certifications, or post-secondary courses (including, but not limited to, workshops, webinars, online courses, conferences, and other professional development sessions)? If yes, please list the name of the program, organization or association. List multiple if applicable.
8. If you are aware of additional training providers that are currently active in your area / region of Canada (including but not limited to certification providers, private training programs, post-secondary training programs, and operator staff-training), please list them below.
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