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1. How likely would you be to buy your own business, knowing what you know now? *
Most unlikely
Very likely
2. Brand and Image mean everything *
Describe your Brand and Image
3. To be safe, you need to protect your intellectual property. This includes trademarking your brand, registering designs and patents *
Describe your protection
4. Trading history. A solid history of trading and smooth growth trends are ideal *
Describe your trading history
5. Staff are one of your greatest assets. All should be paid well, with position descriptions and regular staff reviews. Staff should not be coming and going *
Describe your staff position
6. The more important you are to the business, the less valuable it is *
Describe how important you are
Very important
Not very important
7. It is important to systemise your company with computers, operations manuals and plans to help you do a better job *
Describe your level of systemisation
Very low
Very high
8. If your plant and equipment is important to your business it nees to be kept in good condition at all times *
Describe the condition of your plant and equipment
9. It it important to keep a close eye on your business and its financials, no matter whether you do it yourself or leave it to an accountant or a bookkeeper *
Describe how often you check the financial records of your business or get together with your accountant or bookkeeper, if you have one
Very rarely
Very often
10. Having a strong and stable market position of your company means everything. Being market leader is ideal, while being in a poor competitive position is weak *
Describe your market position
11. Knowing your competition is very important. You have to study and monitor them to know their strengths and weaknesses in the marketplace *
Describe your knowledge of your competitors
Very low
Very high
12. To be safe, you have to have a mixed client base because it is no good to have all your business reliant on a few clients *
Describe how mixed your clientele is
Very little
Very much
13. Your business should have a strong information technology (IT) with a website, database and/ or social media *
Describe the state of your IT
14. Existence of a business plan determines the success or failure of a business. It also needs to be referenced regularly *
Describe your business plan position
Don't have one
Have one and it is referenced regularly
15. If a sale of your business were to take place tomorrow *
Who would get most value from the transaction?
The Buyer
16. You should know the value of your business at all times, based on sound advice *
Describe how often you get advice on the value of your business
17. It is never too early to start thinking about the time when you will probably sell your business *
Describe how detailed your plan for a future sale is
Very detailed
18. The Future. Staying relevant in this ever-changing world is important *
Describe how often you have planning meetings to ensure you stay relevant
19. If you would like us to assess your answers and send you a "Ready for Sale" assessment, please add your name, company name and email address below: *
20. If you would like a representative of BCI to contact you to discuss the results, please send us your telephone number below. *
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