Have you ever experienced melodies flowing out from your mind when you’re feeling sorrow, did this melody resonate, and comfort the depths of your heart? Have you ever thought of sharing this powerful melody with someone who is also at a crossroad in their life? Now is the chance!

“Give a Song Give a Hope” Song Writing Competition is a platform that allows you to express through music your feelings, messages, story and your love to those you care for and respect.
We believe that every song is with a story, and each story can comfort hearts and souls. We hope that through “Give a Song Give a Hope” Song Writing Competition, encouraging those who love music to bring forward their songs of hope and encouragement to comfort broken hearts. All songs collected may become content for one of the audio channels in our “BLESSCUP”.

“BLESSCUP” is a cup-shaped audio device that will have different forms of audio content within. Stories, songs and testimonies…etc., will be saved in the “BLESSCUP”, and once production is completed, “BLESSCUP”s will be delivered to families and individuals in need by volunteers with free of charge. This is a charity project initiated by a charitable organization, “BLESSVISION FOUNDATION LIMITED”.

If you hope to know more about BLESSVISION FOUNDATION LIMITED and the “BLESSCUP” initiative, you are welcome to visit our website: www.bvf.world.

Content: Create and share your experiences with your music and your voice. Express your love and attention to those who have been forgotten, bullied, exploited, broken by relationships or emotional traumas, physical illnesses, or mentally wounded.

Form: Participant shall be allowed to represent in solo, duets or group categories as Band, Choir, A Capella or any creative performance method. No limitations on song's style.
a) The singing contest is open to participants above the age of 12, with valid HK ID card / legal residences certificate, regardless of gender, occupation and nationality.
b) Contestants under the age of 18 must have consent of their parent or legal guardian, who must show evidence of consent on the minor release form.
Registration Process
a) Please read thorough the rules and regulations of the competition.
b) Uploading a max 5 min. video performance of the song to YouTube.
c) Fill in and complete the online registration form (fill in the above YouTube link).
d) Enrollment is open now.
e) Registration form, registration fee and song submission deadline: 21st September 2019, time: 23:59.
f) Registration fee: HK$ 200 / Registration unit
g) Registration fee submission (on or before 21st September, 2019):
- Method 1. Submitted by walk in to BLESSVISION FOUNDATION office (Address: 5/F Tamson Plaza, 161 Wai Yip Street, Kwun Tong) , or

- Method 2. Cash deposit / Bank in : Please deposited to “BLESSVISION FOUNDATION LIMITED”, Nanyang Commercial Bank account: 043-4781-1445-731. Please write down your name (Unit representative), contact number, and remarks on the bank in slip, and mentioned “Give a Song Give a Hope”, email to 1song1hope@bvf.world or Fax via 2155-2508, or

- Method 3. Cross cheque : please write cheque payable to “BLESSVISION FOUNDATION LIMITED” and mail to BLESSVISION FOUNDATION office, please write down your name (Unit representative) , contact number and remarks “Give a Song Give a Hope” on the back of the cheque.
Application Deadline
Application Deadline : 21st September, 2019 (Friday) 23:59

* Contestants can fill in the online registration form first, but please remember to email the necessary document and the song's YouTube link to : 1song1hope@bvf.world on or before 21st September, 2019 23:59. Otherwise, the application may be disqualified.*

*** The finals list of contestants will receive individual notification on 30 September. ***
Registration Fee
HK$200 per Registration unit
Final Round
Date : 6th October, 2019 (Sunday)
Venue : Kowloonbay International Trade & Exhibition Centre (KITEC) Rotunda 3
Result : The Grand Prize, The Second Prize, The Third Prize, The Best Comforting Song and The Best Interpretation Prize
• There are total of 5 Prizes, including The Grand Prize, The Second Prize, The Third Prize, The Best Comforting Song and The Best Interpretation Prize.
• Each Prize winner /group will receive cash rewarded in the Final:
The Grand Prize $5,000;The Second Prize $3,000;The Third Prize $2,000;
The Best Comforting Song $2,500; The Best Interpretation Prize $2,000.
• BLESSVISION FOUNDATION will assist the winner group of The Grand Prize, and the Best Comforting Song to produce a Music Video of the winning song.
• Winners of The Grand Prize, and the Best Comforting Song will have a chance to share their songs and the story on a secular radio channel, and a media interview will be arranged according to the promotion schedule of the Organizer.
Specific Rules and Regulations for “Give a Song Give a Hope” Song Writing Competition!
1. Registration Requirements
a) No limitation on number of participants in group.
b) A participant shall be allowed to represent in both solo, duets and group categories as band, choir, A Capella or any creative performance method.
c) Participants must be amateur singers or entertainers, otherwise be persons who may be involved within the entertainment industry as singers or entertainers on a part-time basis, and do not belong to any professional organization (s) connected with the entertainment industry. Vocal contestants must not have any albums of any kind out in public.
d) Can be solo participant or group performance. The list of group participants must be the same as registered information, team members cannot be replaced during the competition.

2. Entrance Song
a) Only original scores can be performed in the competition.
b) All participants will sing their own composed song in Cantonese/ Mandarin and/or English, other languages also accepted, please mentioned during the registration.
c) No revision of the registration form is allowed after submitted.
d) Songs containing vulgar or explicit sexual lyrics will not be allowed. Contestants who during their performance, use any obscene, offensive, sexual or otherwise inappropriate behavior or gestures, including without limitation those referencing or depicting violence, nudity or explicit activity or which are not in the spirit of the contest or do not meet the BlessVision Foundation Ltd. standards for any reason, as determined by BlessVision Foundation Ltd. will be disqualified from the competition.
e) No limitations on song’s styles.
f) Participants cannot change in song choice once participants have submitted the form. Participants should perform the same song from registration to Final.
g) The duration of the music instruments set up, performance and set down should be less than 5 minutes. The judging panel reserves the right to modify the above criteria. The decisions of judges are final.
h) Participants may accompany themselves through recorded background music or accompaniment of live musical instruments.
i) Participants are required to upload a video to YouTube. A separate paragraph (around 500 words) is required to introduce the song and the story behind it.

3. Competition Musical Instruments and Equipment (Round 1 & Final)
a) Participants are welcome to bring their own musical instruments if required in the performance. Equipment provided by the Organizer, including: guitar amplifier, bass guitar amplifier, electronic piano, electronic synthesizer, 5-piece drum set, percussion and professional audio system. BlessVision retains the right to reject any instrument set up.
b) In addition to the above equipment, participants must bring their own guitars, drumsticks, other instruments and accessories. Music production instruments such as DJ equipment are allowed.
c) Participants should use the same musical instruments and equipment in Round 1 and Final competition.

4. Professional Judges and Honorary Consultants
a) The Organizer has invited seasoned music artists as panel of judges.
b) The Judges' decisions on the results are Final. No correspondence or appeal shall be entertained.
c) A panel of judges will review and select contestants to proceed to the Competition. Round 1 and Final Round according contestants' live performance.
d) Contestants in competition (Round 1 and Final round) will be contacted individually, and announced on BlessVision Foundation Facebook (https://zh-hk.facebook.com/blessvisionfoundation/).
e) Organizer reserves the right to change any of the rules and regulations without prior notice. Also reserves the right to disqualify any contestant if he/she does not adhere to any of the above rules and regulations.
f) The order of performances is scheduled at random.

5. Copyright and Consent
a) BlessVision Foundation Ltd. has the right to edit, download and publicly use the images and videos provided by the participants.
b) All the participant's songs may be selected as content for one of the audio channels in “BLESSCUP”.
c) Organizer has the right to request the participants to attend the music events organized within one year, also collaborate in promotional event after the singing contest.
d) All personal data provided will be kept confidential at all times.
e) By submitting personal information for registration, all participants acknowledge that they have read through the “Give a Song Give a Hope 2019” Rules & Regulations and consent to allow the Organizer to use all personal information for administrative, marketing purposes and data analysis.
f) Organizer reserves the right in its sole and absolute discretion to award a substitute prize of equal or greater value if the prize described in these Official Rules is unavailable or cannot be awarded, in whole or in part, for any reason:
• All participants agree to collaborate in “Give a Song Give a Hope 2019” events and functions for complimentary performances.
• All participants agree and automatically grant permission to the Organizer on the usage of their photographs and/or videos taken as well as printing of their names for advertising, promotional and publicity purposes.
• All entrants are obliged to respect intellectual property. The Organizer will not be responsible for any dispute related to the copyright of original songs submitted.
• The performances of all entrants may be recorded and become the property of the BlessVision Foundation Limited and they may be reproduced without the permission of entrants and performers. All applicants agree to record and broadcast in sound and/or television as well as any other sound or visual recording being made in the context of this event, all rights resulting from such recording belong to Organizer.
• Employees from BlessVision Foundation Limited are not permitted to participate.
• All participants agree to observe all rules and regulations in regards to the Event.
• All the information has provided in the form is true.
g) BlessVision Foundation Limited, the Organizer reserves the final rights of decision, no appeal shall be admitted.
Registration and Enquires Hotline: 2155 2800
** Gentle Reminder **
Please email the below document/information to the Organizer email address: 1song1hope@bvf.world on or before 21st September, 2019 23:59. Please state the participant/ Group 's name on the email subject for the Organizer checking and judging panel assessment:
1. ID/passport copy of each participants
2. Registration fee HK$200 bank in slip / copy
3. YouTube link of the song
4. A paragraph (around 500 words) to introduce the song and the story behind it.

If the contestant is under 18 years of age, he/she has to submit a minor release form with signature of parent or legal guardian later.
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