Nomination for Board of Directors
Nomination of Directors: Any member may nominate his/her self or any other member to
run for a seat on the Board of Directors. Each nominee shall be required to accept the
nomination in writing and agree that if elected to the Board that he/she will be available for
the annual membership meeting and at least six (6) Board of Director meetings that shall be
held in Augusta, Kentucky.
The nomination (in writing) shall be submitted to the Board Secretary, along with the acceptance document of the Nominee referred to above. (Failure to submit the nomination in writing or failure to provide the written acceptance of said Nomination by the Nominee will result in the nomination not being

All nominations shall be presented in person (307 Bracken Street Augusta, KY 41002), by mail at the same address, by email (, or to the Board Secretary between the dates of the date of this letter and June 15, 2019. Any nomination letter received after June 15, 2019, shall not be accepted.

The Nominating Committee, established by the Board of Directors, shall review each Nomination and be sure the requirements set forth above have been complied with. Should there be more than twenty (20) names submitted as nominees, the Nominating Committee shall narrow the slate to twenty (20).

The criteria used to do this shall be:
(1) whether said Nominee has served on the Board within the last five years (preference being given to those
who have not served before);
(2) Distance the person lives from Augusta and the likelihood
that said nominee would be available for all Board meeting (as well as any special meetings
that may be required);
(3) length of time that the member has been a member (persons who
have been a member of the Corporation the longest being given preference).

The Nominating Committee shall then compile a slate of Nominees. Each person placed on the slate shall be notified that he/she will be a nominee and have his/her name submitted to the membership for vote. The slate of nominees shall be placed on a ballot that shall be e-mailed or mailed to each member. The ballots shall be e-mailed or mailed to the members on or before the 1st day of August 2019.

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