Portraits by Don Scott
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I retain the copyright on all my artwork and reserve the right to use my portraits on my website, on any promotional materials, and/or any endeavors that further my portrait carer.
Release Form: Photographs & Models
I require the release form from all my clients giving me permission to use their photographs to create a portrait from it. Although, you and/or photographer still retain all the rights to the photograph, this form provides legal permission to draw it and use that drawing in my portfolio. This release form assures me that you have permission (if applicable) to use the photograph I will work from.
I do hereby grant Don Scott the right to publish art created from my photograph(s) and use that art in any promotional materials, print sales, and/or portfolio. I also waive any right to inspect and or give approval of the final artwork as well as any monetary benefit from created artwork. *
I am of full age or my legal guardian or parent is signing consent (Person in photograph). I have read this release and am fully familiar with its contents. *
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