2019 Jessie Lane Pre-Order Form
Hi there! I bring a limited number of books with me to a signing. This is because I usually only have a small amount of space to store my stock at an event. So, if you want to ensure that the book you want is available, you should pre-order it! It's the only way I can guarantee it will be waiting for you when you get to my table.

Once I receive your pre-order, I will invoice you for your books. You will need to pay your invoice no later than one week before the event. If for some reason you are unable to attend the event and come see me to pick up your order, then your books can be shipped to you at cost.

The current book that I am writing (Better Off Dead) is NOT on this form yet and will only be added after it has been published!

Also, my Super Assistant Kim makes t-shirts, cups and bags with kick-ass book themed designs. You can buy from her current stock on Poshmark: https://poshmark.com/closet/bowencreations
OR pre-order custom items from her as well be filling out the bottom of this form!

Please feel free to email me at jessie_lane@jessielanebooks1.com if you have any questions.
Thanks for stopping by! XoXo, Jessie Lane

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If You Are Buying Ice, Hammer and/or Coal would you like an autographed sticker bookplate from Chelsea Camaron? VERY LIMITED QUANTITIES (1st come - 1st serve until supplies run out)
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Pre-Order from Super Assistant Kim!
Would you like to custom order a shirt, cup or bag from Super Assistant Kim? If YES, please tell us what you would like order in the space below and one of us will contact you. We will need to know what design you want, color of t-shirt or cup, size (if t-shirt), quantity of items being ordered, etc, so please be very specific.
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