Welcome to Alpacr Promoter+
Have you ever wanted to live the dream?

To get paid as you travel around the world, or just from your bedroom at home?

Then Alpacr Promoter+ is for you. We pay you to get downloads for Alpacr. So whether you're messaging your adventurous friends about the app from home, or telling everyone about it in a hostel in Thailand, we'll pay you per download you get.

Before completing this form, you'll need to be a registered Alpacr user. This takes two minutes after downloading from the app store. We only accept our best users as promoters. So make sure you use and love the app before applying to become a promoter.

You can cancel your application at anytime so if you're halfway through this form and decide Promoter+ isn't for you, then simply don't submit the application at the end. To cancel your promoter status, email us on promoting@alpacr.com at any time.

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