2019 - 2020 WPEF Teacher Grants, 1st Semester Filing
Teacher Grant Request Form - We urge you to review the guidelines for the Grant filing before completing this form. We have updated the filing information with specific items that grants are not honored. We would appreciate such grants not being filed, to save us and you time in filing and reviewing. Thank you for your understanding.
Name(s): *
Names of person or persons requesting the grant:
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Email or Phone for Potential Contact Option: *
Contacts for all parties named on grant:
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School(s): *
Schools involved in grant use:
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Grade levels involved in grant use:
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Nature: *
(Note that grants are awarded to teachers to fund activities to enhance and improve the learning experience of their students. They should be innovative, creative and complement classroom activities. Requests for equipment should be limited to items that the school does not normally provide. Food, food items, items of personal use, books, furniture and transportation are generally denied or limited.) Again, the more creative the activity is, the better the chance the grant will be awarded.
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Subjects: *
Subjects grant would apply to. Please be specific in subjects or classes it applies to and how it applies or enhances. Any success with something similar is known, please detail.
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What is the life of this request? Just this school year, or reuseable for future years? *
We want to know if this is a reusable item: Note the grant awarded must be utilized beginning this school year or must be returned.
# of Students to Benefit from Grant: *
Anticipated number of students to benefit from this grant: If being used by multiple groups, be clear on this in your explanation.
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Request Amount: *
(Note Grants are awarded in amounts from $100 to $1000 but generally will not exceed $500.00.) If larger amounts are being requested, it would help to know why you feel it should be considered and awarded. Use the "Grant Use" space or the summary option to explain at end of request.
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Budget: *
Break down of funds being requested, Note, we will not pay taxes for any awarded items.
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Grant Use: *
Note uses and limitations listed in grant instructions before completing this section as the limitations could cause your grant not to be considered. Please be detailed in explanation of grant use.
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Project Title:
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Project Description: *
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Student Benefits *
Please clarify what student benefits are to be gained from this project
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Objectives: *
Please clarify the objectives being sought with this project:
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Previous Requests: Have you requested this grant before and was it awarded? If yes, please explain when, why requested again and success of previous grant award. *
Details of a previously requested grant and its success are important for us to know. Also, why should it be granted again.
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You acknowledge that you have read the "Education Grant Request Instructions" prior to completing the grant request: *
We simply want to insure that everyone understands the parameters of the grant program and that grant requests for items outside the specified parameters are unlikely to be awarded.
Do you feel your grant request falls within the parameters outlined? *
We appreciate everyone that takes the time to complete the grant request and we would love to honor all requests; but parameters are set for a reason. Please understand that we take this very seriously and do our best to honor those grants that will benefit the most students. Creativity is a major element in our considerations, as it is our goal to award those teachers that are trying new and inventive techniques to engage their students. If you know that your grant request is outside of the grant parameters, please include that you are aware of such and why you still feel it should be considered. Without such clarafication, your grant will most likely be denied.
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Additional Comments:
Please provide any additional comments that you feel might assist us in the review of your grant request. Clarification of any products being ordered is helpful as the grant reviewers might not be knowledgeable of products by technical names. Any reference links that might be appropriate for a product are appreciated as well.
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