IHA English Show 3 of 3
July 31, 2022-A fee will be charged to anyone entering after 9:00pm on Thursday prior to the show.  The cost of each class is $18.00, $10.00 Secretary Fee, $5.00 Suffolk County Parks Fee.  If you post enter there are additional charges.  
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IHA Member -Must be a member to qualify for yearend awards.  You can join here. https://isliphorsemensassociation.com/membership
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Ring 1 Divisions 9:00AM
Ring 2 Divisions 9:30 Start
Ring 3 Start Time 9:00AM
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RELEASE OF LIABILITY I hereby release IHA and Suffolk County or any of their agents for any injury or loss suffered during this event or in connection with this event. Photographs taken at an IHA Sponsored event may be used in publication. Please type your name to accept this release. (Children under 18 must have a parent or guardian fill out) * *
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