Return to Learn Student Survey
Return to School Survey 5th -12th Grade
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Grade *
I learn better in-person compared to online or distance learning *
I am worried the COVID-19 Pandemic will impact my education *
I am worried that I will fall behind in school because of COVID-19 *
I am concerned that I will contract COVID-19 if we go back to face to face classes *
I plan on wearing a mask at school even if I am not required to by the school *
I will feel safer at school if we are social distancing from one another during school hours *
I trust that our teachers and staff will do everything possible to keep us safe at school *
I believe we should continue with distance learning instead of coming back to school face to face *
It is my individual responsibility to social distance while at school *
I would rather do online schooling this year instead of face to face because of COVID-19 *
We should still have all extra-curricular activities even if we have to make accommodations *
I do not want to participate in extra-curricular activities because I may contract COVID-19 *
I am concerned about my family members contracting COVID-19 from me *
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