AHS Student Name Calling Survey
This survey is anonymous, but the results will be shared with the students and staff of Albuquerque High School. Please answer as truthfully as possible. If you are being bullied or harassed at school, or witness any bullying, please notify a staff member, administrator, or teacher.
Do you feel safe at school?
Which of the following identities do you feel represent you? You should have more than one.
Try to think of a powerful experience from your past. How hurt or affected were you when someone called you a name in the past? Do not answer the question if you have never been called a name.
Not affected at all
Extremely affected
Did someone intervene or support you?
If no one intervened, do you wish that someone had supported you?
How did this incident affect you?
In the remote past
In the past
In the recent present
Ongoing to to this day
Not at all
Can you think of a specific time where you called someone else a hurtful name?
How do your past experiences with calling others names affect you in the present? Do not answer this question if you do not have experience with this.
Not at all
Extremely affects me to this day
Can you think of a specific time where you heard or saw someone call someone else a name?
How much does witnessing others call people names affect you?
Not at all
Extremely affects me to this day
Do you ever feel "targeted" by bullying at school?
Is there anything else you would like to tell us?
Your answer
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